Friday, July 3, 2020


Today at work is the observed holiday for the 4th of July so I'm off and heading to the farm to check on things.  Not much I can do as the Zen Machine is still in the shop but will be ready Tuesday/Wednesday.  

Speaking of, we got the invoice, it wasn't bad.  A little more than we would have liked but better than we feared, sort of in between, ha.  Certainly good to know it's being repaired but since it won't be finished this weekend I'm heading to the farm today.

With the city back to virtual lockdown and now a statewide order for mask wearing of EVERYONE out in public, there is not much I'd like to do "out".  I DO have to stop at the store, those staples we run out of like milk and eggs.  I'll mask up, glove up, and we even have lucite face shields.  I don't care if I look silly, we don't need to get sick from this.

Hope you all are having a good day (as is possible in these crazy times).  More of an update later.


  1. good to stay safe. hobart doesn't need a mask (lucky). have a nice holiday!

  2. we all need to wear masks and stay safe. don't worry about looking silly. there is nothing silly about staying healthy.

  3. You won't look silly. People who work in healthcare are smart enough to wear masks and they look great in them, too. So will you.


  4. I hope you had a good day at the Farm. It sure was hot today. Glad that your mower got fixed and it wasn’t an awful bill.
    Going to the grocery store now feels like competing in the Hunger Games, with potential virus-danger lurking everywhere. Your mask, gloves, and face shield are your weapons of defense, so don’t be concerned about how you look. At least wearing a mask is mandatory now, so that should reduce transmission.

  5. Those who DON'T wear masks are the silly looking ones! staying safe is worth it.

  6. Our JD zen machine turned 21 years old this year and apparently she decided retirement was in order. We've kept her in good repair over the years, but a $650 overhaul 3 years ago (replaced all 4 tires too) seemed to have overwhelmed her and the blade drive belt kept breaking. At $25 a belt - I'm lucky that my hubby installs it so it's just the part cost - but we're having to replace 4-5 per season, and the steering has been getting tighter and tighter to the point where 2 hours of mowing was giving me terrible blisters - and the mowing takes 6 hours a week, minimum.

    My hubby has been suggesting we get a 0-turn mower for quite a while, but they are EXPENSIVE! But about 3 weeks ago I tried sitting on the 4 main models and TA DA! we bought one! Between the sale price and Dan's Home Depot 10% military discount we saved almost $700, and it's on a 6 month interest free credit card. win, win, win! I cannot believe I held out this long! It's FABULOUS! No blisters, the 6 hours it used to take is reduced to 2, and because it's so much more maneuverable my hubby has WAY less weed whipping to do.

    It's WAY stronger with 3 blades I've yet to stall it by bogging it down in long grass,which happened all the time with the JD. This is a Toro. It has the most amazing springs and a rocking chair effect.

    Dod I mention I love it?

  7. I wore mask, gloves, and carried in a cannister of wipes back mid-March. I was one of few and did not feel silly at all. I felt safe and felt like I was protecting Tommy. Yay for people in masks.


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