Monday, September 21, 2020


Well, 2020 just keeps on giving.

Another storm on our doorstep.  Fortunately this one won't be a hurricane (so they say) but it will unfortunately be a heavy rain event.

Three to ten inches of rain expected in our area.  As long as it is spread over a few days, we can handle it.  If it comes all at once though, there will be flooding.  For those in the twenty inches or more zone, yikes.

There will be flooding there for sure.

When we were coming back from the farm we saw these signs. Normally they're for traffic times, accidents ahead, etc but they change them for other alerts.

Good reminders for people to stay prepared.  By the way, these pics were taken from passenger seat, ha.

This was the farm Saturday.  Clear skies, coolish weather, no mowing needed. 

But that has all changed overnight.

And now we wait...


  1. Stay safe, stay dry and keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.
    It's cool & cloudy with chance of rain here today

  2. Hope it's just a mild one, you certainly don't need more rain.
    Stay safe, prayers be with you...

  3. hope it doesn't get you too bad. can you send some our way. we are beyond dry with no rain in sight.

  4. I live about 35 miles from Matagorda Bay, which is the predicted landfall for TS Beta. Since it’s been sooo dry around here, I am looking forward to some much needed rain but hoping it’s not more than the expected rainfall (I’m in the blue colored area). The wind has now started to pick up.
    Hoping y’all in Houston do not get any flooding. And hoping the Farm will be alright. Stay safe.

  5. I feel sad for those people who will be hit twice, having lost everything the first time. All of you could really use a break. What does your cat think about rainy days?

  6. I hope it is just rain spread out over a few days.

  7. I got 7.5 inches of rain in all from Sunday evening through this morning. 5.5 of that last night and this morning. I just checked radar and it looks like we may get some more rain from the opposite side of the storm as it moves out.


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