Wednesday, September 23, 2020


This is a quick post...

"Beta" is almost over.  It was less of a bad tropical storm and more of a rain event.

There was localized flooding around town, though nothing as bad as we've had in the past.  But even with that, there are flooded homes and cars.

The rain has been upwards of 10" and more in some places.  There is still scattered heavy rain today as the remnants of Beta move back across the city.

We don't know the total at the farm, waiting to hear from 2nd Family.

Just wanted to post this so everyone had an update.  I'll catch up on comments and more later.


  1. Thanks for the update and great to hear that you're all safe.
    Thoughts & prayers go out to those that got flooded.
    Earlier in the week received just a tad over 2 inches.

  2. Great you are okay. For the next 18 hours or so we will have heavy rain. Well, that is the prediction.

  3. Glad to hear! We're ok too.💓

  4. So glad that y’all were not affected by the Houston street flooding that I saw on TV. Stay safe!


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