Friday, December 4, 2020


I've always liked the look of mushrooms in the yard.  I know they are most often very poisonous.  There are people who pick wild mushrooms but we'd rate that as a risky proposition.

They always seem like they hold some deep secret or story of the forest...

...or home to little creatures that we can't see.

I was hoping to get the color on these but the shade washed out the tops.  They actually looked like eggs, the whites with a yolk in the middle.  Again, really cool to look at wonder about the mysteries they may contain but we'll just watch from afar...and buy our mushrooms at the grocery store.

Hope you have a great Friday.  No rain this weekend but cool, so I should be able to get some things done at the farm and of course check the citrus to make sure they made it through our light freeze.


  1. Some folks do go into the woods and look for wild mushroom but they also know what to look for; which ones are good and which ones to leave well enough alone.
    Me; I wouldn't know the good from the bad so I stay clear.
    Grocery store is my safe bet on getting mushrooms.

    Yesterday morning, spent almost 3 hours getting our computer up and running again as I was unable to do anything.

  2. all mushrooms are edible, some just once.

  3. perhaps the people that refuse to wear masks will eat some of these?

  4. Very pretty! I like how they can sometimes make a fairy ring with the mushrooms in a circle – very magical.

  5. I don't like mushrooms so poison or not, I don't eat them.



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