Saturday, July 31, 2021


As this posts, I'll be driving to the farm.  2nd Man is staying in town to work.

I may mow again, I'm really going to see how it looks since Tuesday.  I would like to focus on the garden today and pull weeds to get that cleaned up.  It's so "visually" overwhelming when I see it, it makes me nervous when I'm out there.  There are still some vegetables producing so I'll have a small harvest to bring back for us.  

Also needing work is the area around the fruit trees.  Because of the deer fencing, I can't get the mower in there like I used to.  2nd Family has a new lawnmower they said I could borrow anytime so that would work perfectly in there.  That area also gives me a nervous twitch, ha.  We'll just have to see how the heat goes.

It is almost August 1st.  The hottest month of the year for us and the time when we always post that we try to do as little as possible outside.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!



  1. After reading your last post, it looks like the little Johnny Deere is outmatched by some of your brush. Google DR Field and Brush mower. Something like that is what you really need to keep the brush and small trees at bay. They have lots of different variations, but the idea is they are designed to cut heavy brush and grass.

  2. I laughed at your mention of a twitch. Don't get overheated twitching.

  3. Hoping you have a great day at the Farm!

  4. Oh! boohoo! I was hoping for an account of what you achieved yesterday. Roderick

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