Thursday, March 27, 2014


UPDATE 05/2014:  Sadly, Granny lost her short but valiant battle with cancer.  


We are going to leave this post up in its original form since it's a part of our life and a part of her history.

2nd Man and I will continue to dedicate our gardening to her memory.

Original post is below:

Today, I'm dedicating our inspiration Thursday post to a true inspiration.

Recently, I posted HERE about Granny, as we all affectionately call her, the blogger from Annie's Kitchen Granny's Family Garden who is currently fighting her biggest fight ever.  She was worried that she wouldn't be able to have her large garden like she always has.

So we thought it would be nice to show her how much we all appreciate her years of sharing her tips and advice, as well as her kind and considerate nature, with all of us via her gardening blog.  Maybe we could all plant something, grow something, harvest something, so that she could be inspired by us.

So we came up with the idea of "Gardening For Granny".

Check this out...

Gardening for Granny, image courtesy of
Isn't this beautiful??

This incredible design was done by Tammy of Gammy's House blog.

She is indeed very talented (gosh I wish I had that kind of talent, ha) and we truly think she captured the spirit and essence that we wanted to convey.  We cannot thank her enough for her taking the time to come up with something like this.  We are all indeed bloggers and visitors from around the world, just as the picture shows, and we all send our love and spirit to Granny during her fight.

The original plan was to come up with a linky party of sorts, but the logistics of coming up with that coupled with the realization that so many of the visitors to our blogs don't have their own blogs to link with, plus varying times of gardening around the globe, we made the decision to make it easier.  Anyone can take this image, again courtesy of the artist Gammy Tammy, and resize it (just don't alter the image itself or remove her name or blog address) and use it in one of several different ways.

The easiest way to do this is to just post this image on your sidebar as a show of support.  Feel free to come back and use this post to let us know in the comments that you've done that if you wish.  Or just post it as its own stand alone blog entry and tell your readers that you are "Gardening for Granny".  Again, be sure to let us know so Granny can go see it.  If you don't have a blog and are just a regular visitor, please look for the image later today on the sidebar of our blog and click it.  There will be a special page that comes up and it will let you leave comments about your gardening so Granny can visit here, click the picture herself and read your comments.

Of course, she'd love visitors coming directly to her to tell her about their gardens and harvests, so there is a link at the top of this post to her blog as well, stop on by and let her know how your garden grows!

If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to post below!


P.S.  Loving the kind and caring comments everyone is leaving.  We're not replying to them because we want them to just stand as tribute to Granny, she likes to come back here and read them regularly so if anyone wants to update, or print a link she can go visit, feel free to add a comment.

Thank you again!


  1. Thanks for doing this. I've put it up on my sidebar.

  2. As a new blogger, I'm surprised that I was able to add this to my sidebar, downsize it, and add a link to her website! I hate the "c" word too. I worked in "c" research until my health wouldn't allow me to anymore. I believe that all the beautiful garden produce will do her body well.
    Gardening will be my therapy this year.
    Thanks for helping Granny.

  3. 1st Man - Tammy did a beautiful job on the graphic and it is now listed in our sidebar of our blog! i think that this is just awesome that all of us are going to be gardening for Granny. she's been gardening for us for so long that it's time to garden for her!

    much love to both of you beautiful men! your friend,

  4. I too have got it on my sidebar with a link to Granny's blog. Great tribute to her. Thanks to all who have done all the work.

  5. Gammy Tammy, the artwork is fantastic. You can't begin to know what all of this means to me.

    I love you guys.

    1. Dear sweet Granny, from the very beginning... you stole my heart. It was my deepest pleasure to contribute to 1st man's brilliant idea to convey just how very much we all adore you and want to support you during this tremendous "fight".

      You are LOVED!

  6. This is wonderful! It took some guesswork on my part -- "is this what I do? Maybe this?" But I got the artwork in place. All of you who worked on this are just the neatest people.

  7. This is such an uplifting way of showing support and the art work is beautiful.x

  8. Thank you, 1st Man. I am proud to add this button to my sidebar. Love you, Granny!

  9. Beautiful artwork, you are very talented Tammy. All this support must raise the spirits and sooth the soul.

  10. I think this is wonderful. Could someone please tell me how I can add it to my sidebar please. Thanks!

  11. Thanks anyway, I just figured it out.

  12. Thank you both for doing this. I've saved it on my sidebar as well.

  13. The way this movement is growing is just awesome! I'm not a blogger, but have a plan in mind for a garden sign using Tammy's amazing art. Will share a pic when it all comes together. Thank you, 1st Man, for helping us show support for our Granny!

  14. Thank you so much for doing this. It's a wonderful idea and seeing the support and love for Granny brings tears to my eyes. I'm doing the 'Gardening for Granny' (mostly my husband but I'm trying to help) and posting about it (mybrainonvent dot com Not sure how to link my profile with my WP blog as it defaults to my old blogger one). Hoping I haven't ruined what he's started already.

    Anyway, this is an incredible thing you guys are doing for Granny. < 3

  15. I just love this! Thank you...will be adding to my blog over the weekend!

  16. Thanks for the idea! I'm putting it in my sidebar as well.

  17. I've just found out about this, what a great idea! I've added the badge to my blog along with a link to this post. Thanks!

  18. I'm showing my support too, by having the image and link at the top of my blog sidebar. Great work guys - I'm sure Granny appreciates it!

  19. FYI: I also wrote a post about Gardening for Granny here:

  20. I'll try and put the badge on my site. Just a newbie and trying to learn all the quirks. But her story is so inspiring. Sounds like she's a fighter.

  21. Very interesting and emotional to me. It brings back memories, of other
    Granny's... I have known on my journey of live


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