Sunday, November 20, 2016


Hobart found a spot of sun, on an afghan, next to the comforter, while we were trying to make the bed.  

The apartment is warm (you wouldn't even really know it's cold outside) but somehow they know and get all snuggy and seek out the warmth.

It's been a good weekend, spent yesterday at the farm but still getting over my cold, and 2nd Man was not wanting to get one so we didn't spend the night.  The farmhouse is still a bit cool.  It was 59 inside when we got there.  It never goes much lower than that, I think 52 once when it was freezing outside.  That's without heat, we don't have central heat so we use space heaters.  We don't spend a lot nights out there in the coldest parts of Winter  We'll have to work on that for the future.  It certainly is great weather for warm socks and flannel sheets, but not when you don't feel good already, ha. 

Hope your weekend has been snuggly warm!


  1. The cats have it better than I do! It's going to be freezing or two degrees above. I don't remember. But, it is very cold in here right now and has been all day. Tomorrow is the day I put flannel sheets on the bed. I absolutely love my flannel sheets but only have one set. Maybe Santa will bring me flannel sheets! ???

    Long ago, the sick were allowed to sleep downstairs near the fireplace. This house has three fireplaces on the first floor. The rooms above have the round covers where once was a stovepipe for a stove in each bedroom above the fireplaces. The kitchen also has a chimney and the cover for the wood stove used for cooking.

    Stay warm, the two of you and the cats.

  2. hobart is such a handsome kitty; have a good week!

  3. 1st Man,

    Good to hear you're starting to feel better. Stay warm!!!

  4. When you are ready to put in some kind of permanent heat you might want to look at a split-mini aka mini-split ... outside you have a very small fan/evaporator kind of "thing" inside up high is what brings you the heat or cooling ... it operates like heat pump so very efficiently heats or cools.

    We added one to our bedroom as it backs to hot summer sun and is the farthest corner from the main h-vac system so not the most efficient situation. It gives us steady cooling for sleep which is very nice in summer .. They are at their most efficient if you just set the thermostat (in this case a remote control) and leave them alone ... Our power bill was less using this method and not turning down the heat at night with the big AC unit like we'd done in the past. ours is Fujitsu and we are very happy with it ... several brands out there ... but certainly worth checking into.

    Also they can have 1 or 2 inside units known as "heads" per each outside unit ... so if you want two in adjacent rooms, or around the corner or whatever one total purchase might do you for all your heating and cooling needs... seems to me your house is relatively small .. can't remember the dimensions.. but I think well worth checking out.


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