Monday, July 6, 2015


It was, finally, a good weekend.  The rain came in small showers, very widely scattered and it never lasted very long, so that was good.  I was able to mow almost everything I needed to and I edged everything as well.  I feel like the mowing is finally back to "normal", it wasn't high, it was easy to mow, and I didn't leave behind piles of grass clippings.  Zen machine time was truly 'zen'.

So here is the big accomplishment...this is the fence that encloses 2nd Family's back two acre pasture.  One side of it borders the length of our driveway and the other side borders our front yard so we kind of share responsibility.  However, neither of us has been too keen to do it so far this season, first with the rain and now with the heat.  In the end though, it got done.  

This is the driveway's clean and open, we like it...I took this picture after we had edged and cleared, but before I had mowed.  Such an accomplishment that we needed.  That fence line is several hundred feet long.  It's a looong walk with a heavy weed eater, ha.

This is standing in the same spot as above but looking toward the other part of the fence line.  It's all clear now too.  So how bad was it?  See next photo...

Above is the before picture of that same corner...

...and this is after!

This whole spot is clean and neat and tidy.  "R" from 2nd Family also helped us trim Ginger, the mesquite tree on the corner.  It's so nice to look at now, even though it was hotter than hell (heat index was 103).  

I think I lost 5 lbs while doing it.

I don't know about you, but when I see tree and bush "clutter" like that, it drives me crazy, it just seems too "busy".  Now it's much more relaxing...sort of like when you clean out that cluttered garage or closet after staring at it for months.  It seems overwhelming at first but it's such a relief when it's done.

Side note, I spent two hours last night trying to figure out why I couldn't reply to comments.  I finally found that Google was having a glitch on some accounts, mind included.  Keep commenting, I'll catch up as soon as I can. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015



It's time again for our favorite TV viewing of the Summer, Discovery Channel's annual tradition, "Shark Week".

Of course, we aren't near the ocean (though Galveston is not far away from us in town) and we aren't even ocean fans (we like mountains and forest kinds of trips), but we are however, fascinated with sharks and always enjoy when they air this week of shark related programming. 

We have had mostly clear skies this weekend.  There were a few showers here and there but I was finally able to get a lot done outside.  It was hot and there is still a lot to do, but we did have to relax and spend some time just doing nothing, so that's a good thing.  Photos and more in the coming days!

And I'll catch up on comments!

Saturday, July 4, 2015


We're off to the farm and wish everyone here in the United States a wonderfully happy and safe 4th of July weekend!

Friday, July 3, 2015


Hope you are having a good week.  We are blessed with a three day weekend so it's off to the farm for, hopefully, a rain-free day or two or three.  If I can get things edged and maybe mow again, I'll feel ahead of the game.  

In the meantime, thought I'd share this.

We can only assume that this is one of our ladies, since this flower is about fifty feet from the beehives.  I was very happy to capture this picture. 

The flower doesn't dream of the bee, 
it blossoms and the bee comes...
                                                   - Mark Nepo

Thursday, July 2, 2015


You know we've been in love with the idea of outdoor dining (though so far this season, that would have been impossible, ha).  Anyway, I think what drew us to this image were, believe it or not, the birdcages hanging from the tree.  We could easily do something like this in "Barnabas".  Spray painted in various colors, it would be a nice accent, one that could be left hanging year round.  We've even thought that perhaps they could be used as a hanging holder for large candles of some sort.  

Funny thing, about two months ago, I was in a thrift store and someone had dropped off 5 or 6 wire birdcages just like these.  I remember thinking "I wonder what those could be used for?" but didn't get them.  D'oh!  

Sometimes we just need a jump start on inspiration...which is why I post these every Thursday, ha. 

Be inspired!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I swear we're not sure if we should just give up on all outdoor activities for the rest of the year or what.  

As I type this, we've had almost 4 inches of rain in about 2 hours.  Flooding is occurring all over town, and the storms are virtually stationary so the water is just continuing to come down.

We're not positive, but this just might have to be the next project for the farm...

Sigh...will write when I can as power is flickering on and off.


A few months back, we cleaned out one of the storage units that had my parents stuff in.  One of the things we reclaimed was this chair.  When my Grandmother passed, I went up with my Mom to help her go through things.  This was one of the things that she wanted.  This was my Grandmother's chair, she sat in it all the time.  She had back problems in her later years and she liked sitting in a straight back chair and this one was her most comfortable chair.

So, we brought it back to Houston and my mom kept it at her apartment.  After my mom passed, I put it in storage with everything else and it ended up there for a few years.  We have it out now and found where it's going to go at the farm.  We needed a chair in the bedroom as a place to sit and put on shoes, relax a bit, etc, so we put it in this corner.

It was the perfect spot!

Old chair project
Now I will have a project (perhaps later this Summer when it's too hot to do anything else outside) to repaint, refinish, etc.  First, we have to figure out a color scheme.  The master bedroom is shades of blue and white with black.  I was thinking of something like a base color of dark blue and then maybe using the various detail parts of wood as accents.  Or maybe vice-versa, white base with blues and black as accents.  I've seen some really cool painted chairs online where people do things like paint each spindle section a different color (or match the colors to an opposite piece).  Or maybe a whimsical design?  I'll need to sand and do all that fun stuff first, then I can paint and lastly, maybe a nice coordinating cushion on the seat.

MID DAY UPDATE:  After reading comments, you all have inspired me, I think I just might sand it to clean it up a bit and leave it as is, instead of changing it too much.  Still might get a cushion though, the kind that tie on.  That could add something new without being permanent.

Anyone ever done a project like this or have suggestions?

Monday, June 29, 2015


After Friday night's fortune saying I'd have a four wheeled adventure, it certainly was, more so than before.  I don't have pictures because it was either something happening too fast to capture or too gruesome to show.  

Instead, I'll post some flower pictures taken after I was done mowing

As I was mowing, there were creatures everywhere.  Frogs of all sizes hopping all over the place.  I'm guess the weeks of rain and standing water has brought them out in full force.  I tried to avoid them whenever possible.

Then there were bunnies.  EVERYWHERE.  Not sure if it's bunny mating season or what but they were all over, big, little and in between.  They would dart out from tall grass and hop away at a high rate of speed.

Then there were birds.  They followed the mower and were loving the freshly mowed grass and all the bugs/seed I presume it turned up.


...and clouds of dragonflies too.  

Then the bad part of the adventure:  

I ran over a snake in the tall grass.  It was a rat snake, about two feet long.  It was mortally injured, and could not move, as much as it tried.  It was suffering and I couldn't let it continue like that.  I went back to the house, got the machete and took care of things swiftly and as humanely as possible.  

The whole circle of life moment.  It was DEFINITELY an adventure like I've never had before.

Now maybe I should play those lotto numbers on the back of the fortune!