Saturday, October 3, 2015


I saw this clump of 'weeds' in an area of tall grass because the color caught my eye when I was walking past it. 

Together, they formed the prettiest "natural bouquet' I've seen yet.  2nd Man said it looked like something a bride would be carrying down the aisle.

Natures flower bouquet
I agree, it was just beautiful to see in person.  I wanted to cut it and put it into a vase just like that but alas, we know how that would have ended.  

Off to run "open house" errands in town, then Sunday will be off to the farm to see what I can get done out there.  Our weather today feels like the first real, true day of Fall.  It's GORGEOUS!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Friday, October 2, 2015


Picture via a relative that lives a bit Northwest of us.  They were free of the clouds we had all over our area that prevented us from seeing it.  Well, we did catch a glimpse of it behind the clouds, a sort of reddish glow.

Blood Moon
Of course most all the pictures I've seen this week look pretty much the same, ha.  Is it Mars?  Or the moon?  It's the moon of course.  Very pretty!  Astronomy stuff is so awesome.

Did you get to see it?

Thursday, October 1, 2015


So I thought I'd share of picture of our backyard in town from a few years ago.    With our house on the market and this a distant memory, (this was prior to having the farm), I thought it fit for today.

Potting Station, image courtesy of me
It is my potting bench / gardening station that I set up in the backyard.  2nd Man got the bench for me as a birthday gift and I put shelves above and around it and filled all the spots with plants and flowers.  As you can see, I've had "the bug" for awhile.  It's sort of my own inspiration for Inspiration Thursday because I see it and it reminds me of what I like to do and of course that I'd like to set up something 'similar' at the farm.

I guess that is one of the issues at the farm, how does one create something small and filled like this with so much space?  I seem to do well in small spaces like this but with so much wide open space, it seems more daunting to create a setting like this.  A potting bench in the middle of a big empty area seems odd.  But hey, we'll figure it out, that's half the fun!

Be inspired!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Here is a favorite of ours, and with our recent gift of fresh eggs, a great way to use a few.  Breakfast tacos. Or if you roll them up, breakfast burritos, ha. 

Start with diced potatoes (hash brown style) and breakfast sausage links.  We put the sausage in the pan with the potatoes and forgot to dice it.  Oops.  We pulled them out and diced them up and put them all back in.

Sauté until potatoes start to brown and sausage is cooked.  Then add 4 eggs. (love those yellow yolks). Stir to combine.  

While that is cooking, heat up some flour tortillas.  We have a gas stove (for now!) and like to flip them over an open flame a few times.  You can warm them up however you like, they should be warm so they are more flexible. 

Once the eggs are cooked, they are ready to put together.

Take your flour tortilla and spoon some into it.  At this point you can put in cheese, salsa or whatever you'd like to add to the taco.  
Breakfast Tacos with sausage and egg
Fold them in half (or roll up) and enjoy...we like to put them in foil to keep them warm and take them to work...if they last that long, ha.  Simple, quick, easy and best of all, yummy!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Got these pictures in my email box a couple of days ago.

2nd Family got some new chicks for their coop a few months back that I blogged about HERE.  Among them was an odd little chick that looked kind of like a black bird that somehow got mixed in.  She was smaller than all the others.  

There was also one that turned out to be a rooster.  A TINY rooster.  I've never see such a small rooster.  He has all the attitude but none of the aggression, oh and did I mention he's tiny?  All of the hens are bigger than him by at least two times the size.

Anyway, "birdy" as they named the odd little black chicken, sort of stayed to herself.  In their chicken yard, she made her own nest away from the other hens.  They didn't notice that she had laid some eggs in a hidden spot.  

Hen and chicks 
And then they went out the other morning and saw little fluffy black things running around in the yard.  Baby chicks!

Baby chicks
Yep, they now have five more baby chicks.  They, along with mama, have since been moved to the safety of the enclosed coop to give them their own space and "R" is building a new, larger coop using reclaimed wood (I'll have to get some pics next time we're out).  

I told them that with the tiny black hen and the tiny rooster, creating tiny chicks, maybe they have created a new variety of miniature chickens, LOL!  Can't wait to see what size egg they end up laying.  

My guess would be "small".  Very small.

Monday, September 28, 2015


We're so excited (well, me probably more so than 2nd Man, ha).  I was at a local grocery store the other day, Kroger, and saw these.  They are this year's limited edition Ball canning jars in purple.  I've been seeing them since they came out a couple of months ago and they were on my wish list...but at about $12 per case, I figured I'd wait, no hurry.  

So when I saw them in the CLEARANCE section, I thought, "hmm, I wonder how much?"  Then I saw a price tag on the bottom one.  $7.79.

Since they were bundled together (the box of pint jars was glued onto the box of quart jars), the price was $7.79...FOR BOTH!  If only they had more but alas, this was the only set.  The funny thing is, we saw them yesterday at another Kroger...full regular price!?!  I guess maybe the store I found them at was clearing out inventory?  Whatever the reason, their clearance is our gain.

The last three years, the Ball company has come out with special edition colored glass jars.  The first year was blue (but for some reason they only had pint size).  Last year was "spring green".  For the green ones, Ball (Jardin Brands) offered a giveaway on our blog.  I contacted them this year but haven't heard back.  Short of that, be sure and get them while you can.  Once they are gone, they will not make them anymore.  As you can see above, they are a gorgeous shade of purple.  


 Click Image
Ball Heritage Jars on Amazon
Even if not used for canning, the are beautiful just used for flowers or as storage jars for pens, craft supplies, or even pantry staples like nuts, dried fruit or pasta.  I haven't heard if they are coming out with more, I am hoping for an amber/yellow...or maybe rose/pink.

Have you bought any yet?  What colors would you like to see?

Sunday, September 27, 2015


We came home from a house showing last night and our realtor had left us a dozen fresh eggs from her hens at their farm.  

variety of sizes and colors from a variety of chickens!

Farm Fresh Eggs
She and her husband have a farm outside of Houston and of course they have chickens.  She said she wasn't sure if we'd like them.  Um, yeah, she knew us way better than she realized, ha.  Gotta love fresh eggs!  Between our realtor sharing her eggs and 2nd Family sharing theirs, we get the fresh eggs experience without having the chickens (for now!).

Hope you are having a good weekend.  We are dodging rain showers today...and it looks like some heavy rain is heading this way later.  We made a run to the farm to take a few things and check the house but are back in town now.

More later!