Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Good old fashioned tomato soup and grilled cheese...though we do it a bit differently.

Tillamook grilled cheese
Grilled cheese sandwiches. We use two slices of sharp Tillamook cheddar on each sandwich and salted butter spread on the outside.  Of course, we cook it in a hot skillet until toasted and browned on each side. Nothing much different there.

Vitamix soup
Here is where we make this soup a bit differently.  We use our Vitamix blender.  First we put in 16 oz of cherry tomatoes, these are two varieties (sold to us like that, two mixed together).  

Then we add 1 tsp dried basil and 1/2 tsp kosher salt and 1/2 tsp dried minced onion to the tomatoes.  We also add 1 clove of garlic for that great Italian flavor.

Cherry tomato soup Vitamix
Lastly, we add 1 TBSP olive oil and 1/4 cup water or broth (we used chicken broth) and put the lid on.  

Vitamix Tomato soup
We blend it for about 7 minutes.  Here is the thing with a Vitamix that's very unique: the longer it goes, the centrifugal force begins to heat up the contents.  Believe it or not, it comes out scorching hot.  When you take the lid off, steam actually comes off.  It's pretty crazy but also really convenient.  
Almost instant hot soup!

We pour it in a bowl, swirl in a bit of balsamic vinegar, cut the grilled cheese in half and enjoy.  It's a very "fresh" tasting soup.  You get the pure flavor of the tomatoes and of course the olive oil, basil, dried onion, garlic and vinegar all add a bright finish to it.  

It's not old fashioned Campbell's tomato but it's pretty darn good!


kymber said...

it looks delicious and it looks very healthy!(for people who can handle dairy and gluten). it's a lovely meal! my only recommendation is - FRESH-CRUSHED GARLIC!!!! you MUST put fresh-crushed garlic in your tomatoe/basil soup - the flavours are divine!

now a question: do you dip your grilled cheese in the soup? when i treat myself and let myself have the gluten and dairy, i dip my sandwich into the soup. deevine!

sending much love to you both! your friend,

Tewshooz said...

I am a new Vitamix owner and grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup are a favorite meal. So, thank you for this post and will try the tomato soup in the Vitamix and add fresh garlic as per Kymber's suggestion.

Janie Junebug said...

That Vitamix looks pretty cool. Looking at your food reminded me that I need to get out some salmon to marinate for the evening meal.


Anne in the kitchen said...

I know it tastes better than the old standard Campbell"s. I have no Vitamix so it still my go to option

kymber said...

oh Tewshooz - the fresh-crushed garlic added in right at the end of cooking is deevine! the flavour profile is honestly to die for! you'll just want more grilled cheese sandwiches to keep dipping in the soup! hopefully you are not on a diet - dipping grilled cheese into fresh-made tomatoe soup with basil and garlic can keep you eating and moaning for hours - bahahahahah! xoxox

Colleen said...

Sorry, too exhausted and too sunburned to say much else. It does look delicious tho

Texas Rose said...

Yum-ee - that looks delicious! Wish I had a Vitamix for a quick supper, I just have a KitchenAid. I'm with Colleen - really, really tired from gardening and canning.

Amanda Pope said...

Your cheese sandwiches looks so good! I want to suggest to y'all to look up philly cheesesteak sliders on Pininterest.These things are fabulous! Had some and can't get enough of them. Go by the recipe and you won't be disappointed.

1st Man said...

Kymber!!! You and 2nd Man have great minds since you think alike. He read my post and said "YOU LEFT OUT THE GARLIC CLOVE!!!" Oops. I have since edited the post to correct that error.

As for dipping? Oh yes, yes indeed. It's SO good.

Love to you!!!

1st Man said...

Tewshooz, we love making soup in the Vitamin. It can be a bit foamy, so we learned the TBSP of olive oil trick it keeps it from being foamy. And yep, we had fresh garlic in it, it was my typo on the post, I have since corrected it. Yep, we add one clove to this batch. 2nd Man corrected me, since he's the one that does it and I just take the pics, ha.

1st Man said...

Thank you Kymber. It's so good isn't it??

1st Man said...

They are pricey but we use it a lot so it's been a worthwhile investment. Never been a big salmon fan myself but maybe I just haven't found the right recipe yet, ha. Enjoy!!

1st Man said...

Hey, there is NOTHING wrong with Campbells. It's comfort for sure. Homemade Mac and cheese is wonderful, but sometimes, I just like a box of Kraft to take me back to my childhood. Nothing wrong with that!!!!

1st Man said...

Hope you are better now!!! And have more done!!!

1st Man said...

You have been a gardening and canning machine!!! Don't overdo!!!

1st Man said...

Oh wow, that sounds wonderful. I am going to look it up now. Thank you for the tip. I love ANYTHING with cheese.