Monday, August 31, 2020


 I think the entire month of August should be the month of doing nothing.  At least down in these parts.  It was hot.

Dry front yard
This is the front yard.  We have not had rain (at the farm) in over two weeks and with temps at or near 100, it just gets like this in the peak of Summer.  I definitely didn't need to mow and I doubt I will this coming weekend either. 

Feels like 110.  Hot and humid.*

*arrow and commentary added by me, not the weather app, LOL!

Fruit tree raised beds
It's so hot even the weeds haven't grown back around the fruit tree beds, ha.  The main reason I went is to water the important things.  I give a good, deep, soaking to the fruit trees in the back and then the plants on the porch including the ones we are caring for until planting in the Fall or next Spring.  

Thank goodness for free well water.  Of course, we had a drought about 9 years ago and several wells in the area started to run dry.  Hope we never have to deal with that again. 

Steak and vegetables
For dinner we had steaks, sautéed mushrooms and roasted vegetables.

And since we know you all love a Hobart is a public service announcement:

"Hobart says that during a heatwave, be sure to remain hydrated."


  1. The dinner looks so good! Yum! And love Hobsrt who is giving excellent advice.

  2. So my Lily Bell (canine variety) is not the only spoiled fur baby that has their own glass

  3. Love Hobart. Of course. Jazz likes to drink from our glasses too. And, sadly, to dip his kitty-litter scratchers in to them as well. I now have a bed side drinking bottle.

  4. I agree, August is such a hot, miserable month. It’s just survival until the weather cools down.
    Your dinner looks wonderful. Y’all sure know how to eat good at your house.
    Funny Hobart! My cat likes to sneak a few sips from my drinks also, including tea and juice.

  5. HOBART! you are one smart kitty. keep your daddies happy.


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