Friday, September 11, 2020


On Friday in the past we have done a "Friday Food Debate" where we tackle some burning questions of the culinary world, ha. We have expanded it now to other fun and different regional uses of words.

This week, the burning question is:

You know when you decide to do some Spring cleaning (or Fall, Winter, Summer) and then figure 'why not make some money'?  So you lug it all outside early on a Saturday morning, stick some signs around the neighborhood and wait for the crowds to come spend money on your stuff!

What do you call that?  Here everyone says it's a "garage sale".  "Yard sale" is used as well, but we can honestly say "tag sale" is pretty rare here.  We've also never heard anyone use "rummage sale".

Now we know there are also "estate sales" but those are a specific event.  This is just more of the put it in your yard or driveway and sell it kind of thing.

Anything else they are called?  Regional differences?

So what do you call them?  Garage sale, rummage sale, tag sale, yard sale?


  1. Sometimes I call them Junk Sales; but mostly it's garage or yard sales.
    I have seen some signs up that say Moving Sales and I usually can find great items on moving sales.
    Then comes neighborhood sales ( where everyone on the same street are having sales in their yards) and also heard being called white elephant sales.
    I guess it all depends on what part of the country you are from.

  2. Yard sale or garage of those.

  3. Usually I call them garage or yard sales, depending on whether it's held in a garage or not. Tag sale or estate sale seem to be an indicator of being organized by someone in the business and therefore prices will be higher and often non-negotiable on the first day, 50% off the 2nd day and they *might* negotiate, 75% off the third day and then they will negotiate.

    I've also heard of boot sale - a term used in England. They call car trunks the boot (the hood is the bonnet). I'm not sure if an actual car is always involved though.

  4. Garage sale if you have a garage,porch sale,same same.. Yard sale usually..

  5. Here in NY State garage sale and yard sale are the most commonly used. I have heard rummage sale and tag sale but rarely -- churches seem to use these terms around here.

  6. grage sale. Doesn't matter if it is in a garage, house, basement, church, street. . . they are all garage sales.

  7. Yard sale in Colorado ... I swear the town I live in is the yard sale capitol of the state! LOL

  8. I am basically in the same town as Anne, and mostly it is yard sale. If anyone say garage sale, it might be in the garage. Churches have rummage sales. This is Alabama.

  9. If it's in the garage, or most of the stuff is in the garage, it's a garage sale. If most is in the yard, it's a yard sale. Rummage was mostly clothes, though if at a church, it might have serviceable household items too. All this from Washington state. Now here is an "active 55 and over" HOA community in Arizona, with rules for everything, you can have NONE of the above ... but you can have an estate sale. Once! That's all .. I guess you only live once, only die once... and only 1 estate sale!!

  10. Tat transfer! Although more formally/politely Garage/Yard sale.

  11. Lots of odd bits and bobs on the front lawn, in the u.k. We call it an eviction. Lol


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