Monday, May 19, 2014


So here is the purchase we made last weekend for the farm.  We have always wanted one of these grills.  They are the kind that are used at National Parks and Campgrounds across the United States.  In fact, when we've shown friends and coworkers, they say "we used those when we went camping!"  We really like cooking over wood and/or the hardwood natural briquettes, and these are the kind that should hold up for years and years.

We had to do some research as there are plenty out there that "look" like the originals but there is only one original.  The others are made with a thinner metal and probably don't have the longevity as the ones made for parks.  These are made by Pilot Rock, who has the contract to provide them for parks around the country.  We ended up buying them from Northern Tool because they have free shipping when it's "site to store".  When an item weighs a lot, it can save money in shipping fees if you live near one of the stores.

They do sell them through Amazon, click HERE to see the variety.  Just remember that the Amazon link does offer them from several resellers.

We didn't get just one... 

We got two!

Heavy Duty Park Style Grill
We think this is where we are going to put them.  Since they have to be put into the ground with post holes and then set in concrete, we should probably make sure where they are going to go before we make them permanent.

Locating grills at the farm
This is the area off the front porch (this photo was actually taken from the stairs of the porch).  It's fairly close to the house so we don't have to walk two acres with food and it's just around the tree from the future outdoor dining area that will be under Barnabas the old mesquite tree.  We think it's the best spot for them, give or take a few feet.

Eventually, once I get some holes dug, we'll get them in place and start doing some grilling!  Hopefully later this Summer.


  1. I like them! Those will be fun to grill on. :O) Good info on getting the original.

  2. what a great idea! i never would have thought of using them but i think they are terrific!

  3. I like them too - a lot! They look easy to clean as well. If only I lived down in Texas I'd be angling for an invite!

  4. What a great idea! Simple to use, easy to clean, and great quality! You're gonna have some great barbecues with those!
    That is such a beautiful location for your dining area. And I love how your name your trees!

    Texas Rose

  5. They look awesome! Make sure they are on the east side of that tree so that the sun will be on the west side in the evening because that is most likely when you will be grilling. And, remember the sun goes to the north in the summer and south in the winter. Actually, the earth moves but that is another story. So, the grill may be in the sun in the summer.....can't tell which is north & south.

  6. Really good advice from Joani, something I probably wouldn't have thought of myself. Love the grills. As for your holes, apart from an auger of some kind, you could use a pinch bar. Not sure if it's called that over there. It is a long metal pole and it's used for digging and tamping down soil. It's very heavy, with one end either pointy or flat like the end of a screwdriver and the other flat, but it does get through the clay.........bit by bit. LOL.

    1. Ooh, just another thought. I wonder if you could rig up a cover of some sort and use it to smoke things like fish and meat, etc. Looks possible.

  7. How cool is that!! Joni makes a good point too. I checked out Northern Tool and found a utility trailer that I can pull with my Miata!!! I was having trouble finding a small enough trailer at a reasonable price. Thanks so much for sharing the company name! yay!!!!!


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