Sunday, May 11, 2014


It was kind of a quiet weekend...

Picked up a couple of things for the farm, went out and checked on things after Friday's rain, all looked good and it was a pretty nice rainfall so that's great.  It will keep everything green for another couple of weeks.

So all we did was just kind of hang out and relax.  Both of us have allergies hitting us hard (or possibly a Summer cold, ugh) and so sometimes we just need those weekends off, right?  Of course a weekend off still means we're thinking and planning.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, see ya tomorrow!


FionaG said...

Hope your both better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hoping both of y'all recover soon!
As for the allergies, I've heard that eating a spoonful of LOCAL honey helps one's allergies. I've tried it and it helps. It's kinda like taking allergy shots - it slowly builds up one's tolerance. Plus the honey sure is a lot more pleasant!

Y'all deserved a nice, quiet weekend to enjoy the very hard-earned fruits of your labor!
And more rain is on the way - yeah for everyone's plants and yards!

Texas Rose

Sandy said...

1st Man,

Oh dear, allergy issues are really bad this year. I hope you both get over this soon. Feel Better.

My doctor has scheduled me for thorough allergy testing June 19. The Allergists office told me to prepare to be there up to 5 hours. Oh what fun!!!! I can already feel all the needles, lol