Sunday, December 14, 2014


We really like this poster image.  It is from WWII and is part of the US Crop Corps program.  This program was similar to the Women's Land Army (getting women to help with crops) and the Victory Farm Volunteers (getting boys and girls to help with crops) but geared toward the older crowd.  This one was sponsored by Country Gentlemen magazine. 

In this, they said "Wanted, Town Folks with Farm Experience".  The fine print mentioned that for "health and patriotic reasons, plan to spend every day you can spare working on a farm".  I guess in this one, he is rolling up his sleeves and getting ready to work (it also looks like give blood? LOL, just kidding).

Hope you are having a good weekend!


Kev Alviti said...

Good poster. I think a lot could still benefit from this now!

Linda said...

I thought he was rolling up his sleeves to get to work on the farm. I like the appeal to experience in order to get 'volunteers.' Pride will bring more men back to the farm.

1st Man said...

So so true huh? I often wonder how many people would do something like this today. I would like to believe/hope that it's a lot.

1st Man said...

Oh yeah, definitely doing that, I was just thinking it's funny that it also looks like he's ready to donate, ha.

Pride...I like that!

Quinn said...

Well, I "give blood" on a pretty frequent basis here om my little farm. Quite a collection of bandaid boxes in my cabinet ;)