Friday, August 23, 2019


It's time for the "Friday Food Debate" where we tackle some of the burning questions of the culinary world...LOL!

This week, the burning question is:

First of all, you have to be a bacon lover.  We realize not everyone loves bacon (though that could be considered a sacrilege, ha).  So when bacon is cooking there are two ways it can come out.  

You can cook it until it is crisp.  That texture with the crunch or snap when you bite into it.

Or you can cook until it's just done but still soft and chewy.  

We realize there are varying degrees of doneness from just barely cooked to burned.  This is really just one of the two ways you generally find it cooked.  Breakfast buffets at restaurants seem to have big pans of chewy soft bacon.  A diner generally seems to serve it up crispy alongside eggs and hash browns.

Here in our household, we both like it both ways but honestly, most of time we cook it until crispy.  I have been known to go steal a piece out of the pan once it's cooked but still soft, and that I love on a slice of white bread. do you like your bacon?
Crispy or chewy?


  1. I do both cause it all depends on how I use it but I do prepare my bacon in the oven or in my waffle iron

    1. Chicken Tenders wrapped in bacon
      Take slice of bacon, wrap around chicken tender and place on baking sheet or baking dish. Spread on Pure maple syrup and sprinkle on brown sugar and bake until chicken is done and bacon rather crispy.

      Hot dogs are also good prepared this way. Try it on pork chops, etc.
      Just baking the bacon strips with maple syrup and brown sugar by themselves is delicious but also delicious by putting a couple of bacon strips on a grilled hamburger.........yum, yum.
      Go for it and do your own thing.

  2. I stand with a foot in both camps........😀

  3. on blt's i like it chewy so it stays together. on the side with eggs i like it crisp!

  4. I like mine crispy, well done but not burned.

  5. Crisp. And slightly burned to appease the Bacon Gods.

  6. I used to be in the Chewy camp, but now I like it Crispy with that perfect texture that holds all of the grease

  7. Definitely crispy! I like that crunch.

  8. Yes
    Bacon is good any way but raw

  9. These days I buy the cooked bacon and crisp it in the microwave. So much easier to deal with. And the crispier the better.

  10. I prefer crispy. Willy Dunne Wooters likes it so soft that I don't think it's really cooked.


  11. I like bacon any way it is cooked. Crispy is my favorite for a good BLT.

  12. Sorry but I like mine in-between. :-)

  13. We're in the in-between camp. Not crisp, but not floppy. We have a local place that cures, peppers, and thick slices and it's the best bacon I've ever tasted. I just cut 2lbs into lardon a few hours ago, cooked it slow until rendered and brown but not crisp or burnt. I've got 2/3 of t put away in the fridge, the other 1/3rd is in our version of succotash - sweet corn cut off the cob and fresh green beans. MMMMM We have that any meal of the day plus snacks. Tonight it's a side with chicken cutlets.

  14. I have made our bacon in the microwave for years (faster/easier/cleaner) I like it so crispy it shatters. But then again, I love it pan-fried, with all that beautiful bacon fat left to grace so many more meals. Guess I just plain love bacon and will take it any way it's served.


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