Monday, August 26, 2019


It's now been over FIVE weeks since the last major mowing.  I did do a quick mow about 4 weeks ago just to trim things up and keep it short but as far as growth, it's been over a month...

Here is the same angle I've been using the last few weekends to check the growth...or lack thereof, ha.

We had rain in Houston yesterday, some areas on the East side of town got a couple of inches but it was very localized.  There was a large area of rain and storm in the Gulf that they thought would move this way but it just barely skimmed by Houston and the farm didn't get any of it.  In fact, our last measurable rain out there was in July.

The only real green left is around the fruit tree beds.  We're guessing that's because I'm watering them and spraying water around every weekend.

This is the side of the house by the big tree, it's completely brown there.

These are some of the large cracks in the ground that have formed (and a few remaining green blades of grass).  Amazing that the ground can do this.  Of course after the first heavy rain it will close up like it was never there.

Here's another shot by the mower shed.  It's just brown.  All over.  I'm enjoying the break in mowing during the heat of Summer but we do need rain. 

The forecast for the next seven days is no rain and highs in the mid to upper 90's.  The weather people are saying we have entered a period of drought.

We need a good rain dance, ha!


  1. Dry here as well but not near as bad as you have shown. Yes we do have cracks but our yard is still green and have been mowing just about every week and that is to mow the weeds down. They grow faster than anything else but yes, we could use a couple 3 days of a nice shower.
    Now I did say a Nice Shower and not a heavy down pour, thunderstorms or hail; just a nice gently rain for a few days.
    We do have chance of rain for later in the week.,Texas,United-States/we-city?iso=US&day=2&el=oQuzeNCv3Gn%2BujDhEfeOeQ%3D%3D&ocid=spartanntp

  2. It's bad all over. I live in Seguin and we haven't had but a whisper of rain in two months. David hasn't had to mow the grass because it's mostly dead except under the pecan trees. I just water the lemon trees and my assorted potted outdoor plants and that's all we water now. We haven't had a day under the triple digits since July ended. We are now in day 23 in the hundreds.

  3. On this side of thw world our drought continues too. We had some incontinent pigeon rain this morning (splat, splat and it was gone). I would be very surprised if what fell was measurable. A world wide rain dance is needed.

  4. Where we live, N of Tucson proper in AZ we've only had one rain ... no monsoon at all this summer... though we've seen lightening over the mountains and a few winds... no big monsoon for us...

  5. I got about an inch over the last week from that Gulf disturbance and was so thankful. That was a big help because my water bill has more than doubled watering my 30 fruit trees, 50 rose bushes, and the Viburnum hedge - they were all turning brown. But the dry ground just soaked up that bit of rain and with this heat, it's dry again. Rain dance!

  6. Started raining here since early morning hours and hasn't stopped. Rain in forecast for 100% chance so from the looks of things this will keep up all day and into the evening with chance of more rain tomorrow.
    Needless to say our water tanks are over flowing.


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