Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Was at the store at lunch and saw these in the canning section.  I have never seen them before but of course the box says "new" so there is that...ha!

Anyway, they are "smooth sided jars" from BALL canning.  I had never thought about that being a thing but seeing as how it was new I needed to know more.  So I checked them out online to get more info ball smooth sided jars  and here is what they look like out of the package:

I wasn't sure if I wanted to add them to the collection of jars for future canning use...until I saw this picture.  I can imagine they would be stunning filled with brightly colored veggies or pickles.  Of course, as with all Ball/Mason jars, they would be nice filled with just about anything.  It seems they come in various sizes though the store only had the quart. 

Might have to make a return trip to pick up a know, for future use.   


  1. Sweet jars.
    I have learned from past experience not to go home and think about it cause next time I go to the store, they are sold out, so now when I see something I buy it right away cause I figure if I change my mind, I can always return them

  2. I love the smooth canning jars. I have some that I use for pickled okra. If we didn't eat it all the jars would make it gift worthy!

  3. I didn't know this but antique canning jars will crack if you put them in a pressure cooker while canning. They say to use them only for refrigerator pickles.

  4. My mom had dozens and dozens of mason jars in the basement.

  5. For years now, two groups have complained about the embossed logo on Ball jars. Crafters think it interferes with their plans. People who want to put labels complain. I think the logo is beautiful! Craft sections have sold the plain jars one at a time for upwards of $1. So, buying them for less and in packages of more than one will be good for both groups. I do notice in the picture that the logo is still there, just smaller. I probably won't seek these jars out. But, I might buy them on sale.

    1. Ball may advertise these as showing off canned goods better. However, the Ball logo make food prettier in my estimation. I think they are looking for new canning customers for plain jars in addition to catering to crafters and people who complain about the logo not allowing their labels to lie flat.

  6. I think they would display dry goods, craft items, etc. very prettily. But I don't know about using them for canning. I read an Amazon review that said the smooth surface made it harder to grasp the jars when canning. With all of the uses for jars, it's nice to have a choice for different uses.

  7. I've never seen the smooth jars! Honestly though for me, I just buy whatever is cheapest. Whenever I hit the thrift stores and bazaars, I look for Mason jars and I usually find a bunch of them!


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