Sunday, December 22, 2019


Saturday was the day at the farm and it was blah.  Cold, damp, overcast and just kind of yucky.

Everything is desolate and barren.  Weird we still have some green but it's probably the weeds and not the grass, ha.  The fruit trees are still looking good, the banana plants on the porch took a bit of a frost bite in the last sudden mild freeze.  The other night it was only supposed to get down to upper 30's so we didn't prep the plants for it.  Then the night of the original upper 30's, while we're in downtown watching the news, they say "new forecast shows 31 as the new low".  Great.  

The three citrus are hardy to upper 20's in a quick burst like this.  They looked OK, Spring will tell!

It was a good night for pizza in the oven, ha.  There is a local wine bar near us that we go to and we love their pizza.  They sold us one that we could take home and bake in our oven.  It was SO good.  We love a thin crispy crust. 

Hope you are having a good weekend, it's the last shopping weekend before Christmas.  Tonight we are having some very dear friends over for a pre-Christmas dinner of tamales and homemade beans and Mexican rice with tres leches cake for dessert. 

Speaking of, our posts will be sporadic this week as we know people are busy with the holidays.

Hugs to all of you!


  1. Yesterday was indeed a dreary, chilly day. Even though your Farm is gray with just a few spots of weedy green, it’s still calm and peaceful looking. At least the sun was out today and a bit warmer.
    Mmm, mmm, that pizza looks sooo good!
    Hoping your Christmas week will be fun, festive, and full of joy and love!
    I’m going to be doing some Christmas baking for the next couple of days.

  2. It's pouring today but it's too warm to turn on the heat to get rid of that damp, clammy feeling. I would ask you to send me a piece of tres leches cake, but I doubt if it would do well in the mail. Have fun with your friends.


  3. happy holidays to you and 2nd man and hobart!

  4. Okay I was reading about the farm, when one of my pupils drifted uncontrollably down to that pizza photo lol...mmm! I can't remember anything I read above that photo hee hee! I hope you both have a lovely Christmas!!! :)

  5. I hope the trees make it. It has been raining here since Saturday midday.Today is Sunday, and the rain will last through Monday. ugh. The weather is mid 40s at night and will be in 60s for about a week during the day. So, nothing is in danger, just really soggy here. That pizza looks delicious.

  6. It's been raining; well light mist, no hard rain, dreary, just a bit chilly and foggy in the mornings but all and all the temperatures haven't really been bad considering it could be worse.
    Son- in-law will be smoking a turkey and 2 hams for our family Christmas Eve dinner out there tomorrow so I have been busy preparing some food items to take out there. Oh, I can't forget to take the wine along as well of which is chill'n.
    Pizza look Fantastic except for the jalapeno peppers that is. Bell pepper slices...yes; hot pepper I'll pass on them. (you can have my share of the hot ones. ) :)

    Wishing Everyone a Very Merry & Blessed Christmas.
    If traveling; be safe.

    1. 35 deg. at the moment with a bit of frost on the ground.

  7. I too couldn't help but focus on that pizza pic. It's 8:31am and I'm drooling. If there's a single thing I miss about living more than 2 hours from a real city - and we're actually almost 5 hours from Detroit - it's being near good pizza joints. Detroit has a few AMAZING pizza joints.

    I also wish all here a lovely holiday. Merriest of Christmases for all who celebrate it.

    We're having a very somber day today, and I'm sure for the next several. We're having our eldest dog across the to the other side today. Layla was a rescue from a sad situation, and it's been our honor and privilege to have her in our home and hearts for the last almost 7 years. At only 11 years old it's much too soon, but her early life took it's toll. She's in particular been my husband's velcro dog, his shadow. She will be missed desperately.

    So please hug and share your love with those in your life, no matter their place i your life.

    Take care all.


    1. So very sorry for you and your family. Such a difficult thing to go through anytime, made tougher at this time of year. Know that 2nd Man and I are sending you thoughts and love from us and our kitty.

  8. Merry Christmas to both of you! That pizza__nothing beats a nice thin crust with lots of goo on top>


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