Friday, December 13, 2019


Well it's that time again.
It's Friday the 13th!

To us, it's just another day.  But we know some people are nervous about the day as well as other things that could happen on any other given day.  

That's why we periodically like to ask about superstitions and which ones you follow or not.

Umbrellas open inside?

Break a mirror?

Walk under a ladder?

Step on a crack?

Black cats cross your path?

Knock on wood?

Toss salt over your shoulder?

I think we don't have many that we avoid.  I will admit to not walking under a ladder.  And we both "knock on wood" frequently.  And if I can avoid opening an umbrella inside, I will.  

As for black cats?

Hobart the cat
Well this one crosses our path dozens of times a day...and we love him like crazy.  

So happy Friday the 13th...what superstitions do you have?  Any that are unusual?


  1. For me; it's like no other day; they come & they go. What happens, happens., What don't, it don't.
    Actually not until I came here to read your blog that today was actually Friday the 13th.

  2. i love friday the 13th's!!! they are so special!

  3. I love Hobart, too. Handsome guy. I knock on wood, just to be safe, ha ha.

  4. 12/13 is just another day. hello handsome hobart!

  5. If a black cat crosses your path,it means the cat is going somewhere.
    If you walk under a ladder,someone may drip paint on you.
    An umbrella in the house would be caught in the ceiling fan.
    Salt goes on food.
    Find a horseshoe? Lost a horse.

  6. It’s just a regular day to me. How could anyone not want to cross paths with a sweet kitty like Hobart?!

  7. I don't hold to any of those superstitions either!
    I love Peg4x4's answer! Perfect! LOL

  8. I always knock on wood or my head if there is no wood around! I love cats so I would cross paths with a black anytime! I do toss salt over my shoulder too! That's abut it!

  9. I am in no way superstitious. Not walking under a ladder could save you from having something dropped on you.

  10. I'm not superstitious. I think of them when I encounter common ones, but sort of wondering why some people are so freaked out about them. Oh, I do wish on falling stars, and as a horseperson I do hang horseshoes CORRECTLY - open side up! LOL but I'm not afraid of any. I remember an elderly relative having lots of superstions that bothered her. The one I had to look up because I couldn't think of a reason was it being bad lucky to put a hat on a bed. My great Aunt couldn't explain why. Turns out it had to do with "spirits" in the hair (static electricity)But the one which made most sense is that hats transmitted lice. ::shudder::

  11. About five years ago, I opened and umbrella in WM as I was leaving the store. I was shocked that so many people reacted.

  12. No superstitions. Friday the 13th just is. Black cats are gorgeous (I should know, I have one). And opening an umbrella indoors will poke someone's eye out! If that isn't bad luck I don't know what is!


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