Here are some of our favorite online links for valuable information.  They have helped us along the way and we hope they will help you.  

We will be adding more on a regular basis.  

This is a great resource for supplies and just all around neat things to have for your farmhouse.  It's called 'non-electric' and for the most part, things in there are non electric.It's great inspiration for living a simpler life.

Forum with lots of fun topics on living a more self sufficient lifestyle.

Thinking of raising chickens?  We found this chart once upon a time and it's a great resource for hens and their eggs.  Even though we don't have chickens yet, I look at this often as I plan what we want to do out there.

The original, and still the best, not just the magazine (which is one of my favorite subscriptions), but the website is full of valuable information.

Lots of valuable topics and information here.

More info shared by people already doing it.

Nicely set up website with links to all sorts of DIY homesteading plans and ideas.
This is where we bought our bees online.  Great company that supplies bees to a lot of beekeepers.