Monday, December 5, 2011


Here we go with the planning!

Part of our plan has always been to build raised beds and create a fairly substantial (for us anyway) garden area.  So this past weekend, when it wasn't raining, we spent time roaming around and we finally picked the spot:

Future Site of Raised Bed Garden
It is this one!  It's a flat area, with minimal trees/bushes.  It's near the house but still far enough away that it will be its own separate area, and it gets full sun almost all day long.  This photo was taken very late in the afternoon and there are some shadows because the Sun was rapidly setting.  There are definitely 6-8 hours of full sun which is, of course, the best choice for a well producing garden.

OK, I'm not the best with using a photo editing program to draw on, but this is, roughly, our plan.  It's so not to scale, my apologies, LOL.  We want to put in eight, 4' wide and 8' long raised beds.  There might possibly be room for two more, giving us a total of ten.  But I'm thinking I might leave those out and just make a space for them, and then concentrate on the eight beds for now.  There's even a chance that we'll just leave it at six to begin with.  That can always be a future 'expansion' project later on.  I'm going to clear the area first.  One advantage of this spot is that there are no rocks and very little brush to clear.  It's really more just mowing all this down and then turning over the soil.  

Raised Bed Garden
After that is done, I need to start building the raised beds. Something similar to this above (this is just a random picture I found online).  I have already figured out what type we want and how to build it and just need to start buying the wood and screws.  I figured I can go ahead and get those put in place after the area is cleared.  No soil would be in them at first as I may try a method I've been reading about where we put down newspaper, wet it, then cover it with cardboard and some mulch.  You let that sit for a couple of months and it's supposed to give a good start to the soil.

Come next Spring, I should be ready for bringing in compost, dirt, etc, and planting our first crop of vegetables at our farm.

As always, I'll have photos every step of the way!


  1. Make sure it's in easy distance to water. The previous owners had the vegetable garden far away from the house. I hauled water/hoses for 3 years. This year I spent $1000 running water to that garden---worth every dime, but still a big PAIN to have to do.

  2. Sue - Thank you for that suggestion, totally didn't think about that. This is fairly close, but still something I hadn't thought about. Unfortunately, there isn't a space near the actual water hose source that's even remotely right for a garden, but just might have to do something like running water to that area.

    And side note, everyone reading this, please visit Sue's blog, her gardens and flower beds are BEAUTIFUL. Click on her name or visit here:

    If our raised bed gardens come out 1/2 as nice as hers, we'll be happy. She's an inspiration!

  3. Once you start gardening you'l find a lot of company and each one will give you idea's beyond imagination :o) or energy or space to perform

  4. Ginny - I love all ideas and suggestions. Like you said, I might not be able to implement them all but I'll definitely learn something about it.

  5. Awesome! Can't wait to see what you grow!

  6. Google Mother Earth News, then search for "lasagna gardening." It'll explain the sheet mulch thing you mentioned. It works, btw. Used it on my garden, before the heat and drought fried it.

  7. One other thing you might do is go to your library and get a book called "Gaia's Garden" by Toby Hemenway. It'll give you some excellent information, as well as a new perspective on things. Well worth reading, then buying!

  8. When I started my beds at the house. We built the beds, put down a good amount of newspaper, wet it and then added a good clean soil mixture. We purchased a truck load and had it delivered. It wasn't very expensive and was definitely worth it. I would do some research before buying soil to insure that it is what you want though. If you have the time & resources, Lasagna Gardening is definitely the way to go!

  9. Bee Girl - I can't wait either, ha. I have a short list of what I want to plant, but I think I might end up (woodcutting skills willing) with a lot of space for stuff. I guess that's half the fun.

    Anon - Thanks for visiting! Yes, lasagna gardening is what it was called, the name was escaping me for a moment. Thanks!! I will check that out and I'll look for that book at the library.

  10. Robin - Thanks for the advice. I love hearing personal experience (and you have some great results from your gardens!). Sounds like I need to start learning about lasagna gardening!


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