Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Last spring, in the midst of my spring cleaning of the property at the farm (which has now turned all to weeds, but THAT'S another story), I found this vase/urn that "Ma" left behind when she moved.  It had a small tree in it that died in the previous Winter's freeze.  I was thinking of turning it into a fountain, which I blogged about HERE.  Of course, that would have had to be later on so until then, we just put it on the porch and left it alone, sort of forgot about it during all the remodeling stuff.

Flash forward to last week when I was out there waiting for the appliances, I decided that this corner of the porch, which is different now because of the new stairs, needed something.  The whole porch needs stuff of course, but I saw this sitting on the other end of the porch and moved it over there to just fill the space...and I think i like it there!  I could still make it a fountain, just run the cord underneath, but I'd worry about water possibly splashing all the time on the railings and porch floor.  It would probably be best if it ended up being a nice flower or plant of some sort.  Even though the porch isn't painted yet (we have to let the pressure treated wood "cure"), it still needs some curb appeal (even though the "curb" is 1/4 mile down the driveway, ha).

Of course, the middle of Winter isn't the best time to be plant shopping so this will have to be a Spring project.  Until then, it can sit there and look pretty, ha.


  1. What a great pot. I see all kinds of potential in that. Good thing I don't know where you live!

  2. Sue - THAT made me laugh out loud! Ha. Thanks!! Yeah, it's a pretty pot huh? Ma (that's what we call the previous owner, family friend) got it as a gift and had a small tree growing in it. But it was over in the corner of the yard, all by itself and the tree had died in the freeze last year. It was also covered in dirt/dust, etc, so I took the plant out and hosed it off and I thought "wow, this is really pretty". So off to the porch it went (out of danger) and now I think it has a new home. Just need something equally pretty growing in it!

  3. Until growing time, how about an arrangement of pretty dried grasses and interesting twigs/limbs that you could cut from the property?

  4. Anon - Thanks for visiting! You know, that's a great idea, I didn't think about that! Thank you!!


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