Monday, December 12, 2011


Curtains in Bathroom
It's always amazing to me how the addition of just a simple curtain on a window can soften up the entire room.  Not to mention, how they so quickly make it look more like "home".  Such is the case this past weekend.  We put up 4 curtains, all this same style.  One on each door, and then one in the bathroom and the other above the kitchen sink.  Scored them in packages of two, on sale leftover from "Black Friday" shopping deals.  They are made by Better Homes and Garden brand and we think they look just great.  Sort of vintage and not too frilly.  They look like the belong in the house, and that's what it's all about, right?

Door Curtains
 Side note, on the two doors, because they are metal, we used the magnetic curtain rods that are readily available at most stores in the curtain section.  In our case, I found them at our local TARGET.  They look like this:
White Magnetic Curtain Rods
They are wonderfully easy to put up, taking mere seconds, and they look like they were permanently mounted.  Best of all, no holes to drill in your metal door and you can reposition them anytime you need to.  I'd highly recommend them as a solution for curtains on a metal door.

We're putting up vinyl roller shades in the other larger windows. something like this:

White Vinyl Roller Shade
We're doing this so that when we aren't at the house, we have a way of closing the windows and keeping out any prying eyes that might want to look in (though no one should be ON the property, but you never know).  When we get there, we will open them all and let the light and sun stream in.  We'll have curtains on all the windows for our own use to soften rooms, provide filtered light, add color and pattern, etc.  These will just be more of a "when you leave close the blinds" kind of use.  Getting them measured has been a nightmare.  We have to measure, go have them cut and then come back.  The first two haven't worked.  The first was too short, the second was too long.  I'm hoping the third time is the charm?  Since all the windows are the same size in the house, once we nail down the proper size, the rest will be easy.  This weekend, I was able to mount most of the brackets, now we just need to get the right size.  That should be on NEXT weekend's "to do" list.

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