Sunday, November 11, 2012


WWII Fight Food Waste - Milk and Eggs, image courtesy of US Library of Congress
During WWII, the US Department of Agriculture had a Bureau of Home Economics (which I believe is what morphed into "Home Ec" classes in schools), and this poster was another they used in the Fight Food Waste campaign.

This one emphasized the keeping of milk and eggs at the proper temperature so that they would keep longer (and throw less away, hence no waste).  Milk and egg dishes should "cool quickly, cover, keep cold, and use soon".

I think today people could be urged to fight food waste.  Can you imagine what the people of that time would think today of the waste that our society creates?

Fight Food Waste in the Home!


  1. Since I began keeping chickens this year I've learned a lot. One thing is that hens provide a coating on each egg called "bloom." If the bloom isn't washed off eggs they will keep for at least two months without refrigeration. I still keep them in the frige, but a good thing to know if needed.

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing! I'm on a mission to not use plastic bags. The cashiers are in such a habit, I have to sometimes grab the item out of their hands as they instinctively reach for the plastic. Who needs a box of Kleenex in a bag? Thanks for the post! xo,


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