Saturday, November 10, 2012


Pig smile for the camera
Here are the latest figures for Seda the pig. 

PIG STATS AS OF 11/07/12:

Age: About 4 months
Length: 43"
Height: 21" 
Around the belly: 37"
Weight:  100 lbs!

He's eating well (obviously) and has graduated to the next feed level.
All is progressing well and he's right on schedule and in all the right percentiles.
Seda enjoying his feed


Jess said...

Such a cute piggy! He is growing well thats for sure! I cannot wait until I am able to have some pigs fattening up on my homestead!

1st Man said...

It's fun watching them grow, that's for sure!

Dottie said...

Hope you are giving Seda lots of attention. Pigs are very social animals not to mention they are fun to watch play with each other. If you have the room it is better to have two. You can always sell the 2nd one come butchering time. Seda looks like a happy very well taken care of pig! Great looking hams!

1st Man said...

Yes, they go out there at least twice a day and walk him, play with him, etc. This is as a school FFA stable. Lots of other pigs they interact with. When we have one someday, I'll have to remember that two are better. Ha, great looking hams, I'll have to tell "T" (the young man raising him) that. :-) Thanks for the advice!!!

Dottie said...

I didn't know he was part of a group of pigs. Yes tell the young man raising him he is looking great! (the pig that is:))