Monday, May 20, 2013


Seeds of the Month for April 2013
Seeds of the Month for May 2013

It's time yet again!  Seeds of the Month from Mike the Gardener have arrived 
and given me a surprise in the middle of the week.  What I didn't realize is that I failed to post last month's delivery as well.  So for May:

This month's seeds are:

Cucumber, "Lemon"
Squash, "Dark Green Zucchini"
Cress, "Curly"
Melon, "Rocky Ford Green Flesh"

And for April:

Pepper, "Anaheim Chili"
Bush Beans, "Golden Wax"
Basil, "Lemon"
Tomato, "Homestead" (I'm growing this one now!)

As usual, I'll ask for comments from anyone who has grown these varieties and has any recommendations or suggestions.  I use this post and your comments to research back on them later in the year when I plant/sprout seeds.

Thanks ahead of time!

Seeds rule!!!


  1. 1st Man,

    Seed are awesome, the rule!!!!!

    We are hunkering down again today, thank you for your sweet post on my blog.

  2. Lemon cucumbers are fantastic and easier to get rid of extras as many people will still take them even if they have cukes coming out of their ears :) And they go fantastically with cress, olive oil, lemon juice and cracked black pepper.


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