Thursday, July 25, 2013


A hammock amongst the flowers, image courtesy of
OK, now a hammock is something I've always wanted.  Before we got the property, I imagined a hammock strung between two trees.

Then we got it and, while this may seem odd, at the farm, since most trees are mesquite, and a lot are quite small and spindly, there are no two trees I've found (so far) that would work to string up a hammock between.

But when I saw this picture not too long ago, I realized I don't need trees.  I could just plop two poles into some concrete filled holes (or a pole and a hole packed with dirt) and make my own 'hammock' area wherever I decide.  Of course it would HAVE to be planted with flowers, even some bulbs might be a nice touch.

Be inspired! 


Marcia said...

Shade for the hammock would be good to so you're not looking up to the sun.

I enjoy reading your inspirations each week. Keep it up!

CityGirlCountryBloke said...

Remember last week's Inspiration Thursday posting and you were wondering what the chairs were looking at. I can imagine they would be looking at something like this. (-; Beautiful!

Quinn said...

A hammock on a freestanding metal base may not look as "BHG"-ish, but has the huge advantage of being easy to move into sun or shade, depending on time of day and personal inclination! Just a thought :) Or you might want to try a stand first, for one season, to help you decide where you want to build a permanent installation.

Sandy said...

1st Man,

If you have a neighbor who has cut down some trees, you can use the tree trunks as your poles to hold up the hammock.

1st Man said...

Ah yes, definitely. I'm going to scope out areas this weekend. Of course, I guess it should be close to the house, so as to not walk 7 acres to it, LOL. :-)

Donna OShaughnessy said...

This would work so much better in my secret garden than the two chairs I have in there. I really don't want company anyway!

Alison said...

I think you need more than one ;-) ;-)
Oh and one for 2nd man too. :-)

Alison said...

I think you need more than one ;-) ;-)
Oh and one for 2nd man too. :-)

Midnite Baker said...

As Alison said, you must have two. As I will claim the second one. :-)