Sunday, July 14, 2013


Dead Satsuma Orange Tree

Well, the little Satsuma Orange that I planted a couple of months back has died.  It's not the drought, as the Lime and Lemon on the other sides of this one (15 feet away on either side), are still doing OK.  I think this was the ground where it was planted, it seemed to be very heavy with clay and I'm pretty sure that's what happened.  I'll have to buy another one in the Fall and try again in a different spot.

You win some and you lose some!


Tombstone Livestock said...

Buy your next one at Lowe's and keep the receipt, check out their replacement plan.

kymber said...

awwww... poor little tree. we have a tiny apple tree that jambaloney drove over when we first got here...but he held on and this year looked absolutely fantastic. then he got hit with the blight - arghghghgh! but he's hanging on. we feed him milk and milk products daily. fingers crossed.

i have no experience with orange trees but do some takes a long time for a tree to actually die. you might be able to save him.

your friend,

Linda said...

The tree might be saved yet. Don't give up. kymber is right. Fall is the best time to plant trees. Spring planting stresses trees. Get a tree, heel it in and wait until fall. A tree works on the root system in the winter and the leaves and fruit in the summer. A transplanted tree can only do one well. The leaves are most demanding, but the roots are most important. Find a citrus expert who is not trying to sell you a new tree.

Annie*s Granny said...

RIP Little Tree....unless Kymber and Linda are correct and it still lives. Let's hope so.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

awww...poor little tree. it looks so sad. i always plant my trees in the fall.

Gammy Tammy said...

In the future you might consider amending the soil with shale (the best amendment for Texas clay soil). Good luck.