Sunday, March 15, 2015


Light Consumes Coal, vintage poster image, courtesy of US National Archive
Here is definitely a poster you wouldn't see today because I bet a lot of people would not even associate coal with electricity.  This one comes from WWI during a time when there was a coal shortage in the United States.  So of course there was a push to have people save power.

Funny side note, I was in the hardware store the other day and they sell light bulbs now that look just like this one, the same shape and style.  They called them "authentic retro".  I guess as they say, everything old is new again!

Hope you are having a good weekend.  It's nice here, but wow, the farm is a muddy mess...standing water everywhere and where the water has receded, it's just mud. 5" of rain last week will do that I suppose.  Still getting a few things done, updates later!


  1. Five inches of rain! In a week! That is close to six months rainfall here.
    I hope your weekend was fun - and productive.
    Love that poster too.

    1. Wow, isn't climate fascinating? We take things for granted here for sure. Well not us personally, we try out best but so many others don't. Thank you!!

  2. Beautiful weather here and our standing water puddles is no more and nice to be outside doing things without loosing a shoe in this sticky mud that we get when we receive some heavy rainfalls. Don't laugh; as I have lost a shoe in the mud before. Now to keep my shoes clean; I put each foot inside a plastic bag and tie it shut. Before coming in the house, I remove the bags and my shoes are nice and clean. No more scrapping off mud from the bottom and sides of my shoes.

    1. OK, now THAT'S a smart idea. Honestly, I did almost lose a sneaker once....same thing, stepped in and stepped out of the shoe, ha. I like the bag idea though, in a pinch it would be perfect!


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