Monday, March 23, 2015


Well, I know parts of the country are still having snow on these first days of Spring...but we have buds on trees...

...the pear trees are flowering...

...this tree, ornamental pear we believe, is also flowering.
Indian Paintbrush blooming
...but the best sign of all are these first few pops of seasonal Texas wildflowers along the side of the road leading to the farm.  These are called Indian Paintbrush, which means Bluebonnets can't be far behind.

Wildflower season in Texas is rich with color and beauty.  I'll make sure to get a lot of pictures when it's at it's peak.

So while the weekend was wet and pretty much nothing we could do outside, it did nourish the soil and provide water for the coming Spring blooms.


  1. we are not budding out yet here. the wildflowers always make me think of ladybird johnson. what a woman!

  2. OMG you've got Spring......I'm so jealous.

  3. If those are Bradford Pears, they are edible, small but edible. I need to look in my yard for blooms. I have felt so bad, I just have not cared. However, when in the car, I notice others' blooms. If I ever come to Texas again, it will be when your flowers bloom that Ladybird planted.

    1. As I stumbled out to feed the hens, I looked at trees in the yard. The Yoshino Cherry is in full bloom. However, the redbud tree shows no signs of blooming, ever. Forsythia is in gorgeous, gold bloom.

  4. I do believe Texas has Colorado beat in the wildflower department. The bluebonnets are really exceptionally beautiful.

  5. Just in for lunch! Cruising blogs while I eat. :O)... Been outside since this morning.. sun all week and nice temps here. I am so excited I can hardly stand it lol. We don't have any paintbrushes up yet but we are a few weeks behind you guys.

  6. Your Farm is indeed popping with new life - so pretty!
    I walked around my yard yesterday and marveled at how everything is in bloom. The antique roses are full of color. The Viburnum hedge is full of blooms and humming with bees. All the various fruit trees have blossoms - the Meyer lemon especially has the most gorgeous scent. Spring is finally here! Time to plan a wildflower road trip.

  7. beautiful!! I have never seen a pear tree in blossom, its not the right region for them here, in other words its too darn COLD!!!!

  8. Such an exciting, vibrant, colourful time of year. I am soooo looking forward to the magic you share.

  9. We just mowed our yard last Tuesday and could use mowing again. Probably will be doing that this weekend.
    I love seeing all the wild flowers in bloom especially the Texas Bluebonnets

  10. One of my plants has a flower. That's the first sign of spring, other than Franklin needing to visit the groomer.


  11. 1st Man,

    It's about time!!!! Enjoy the pretty weather.

  12. Here in Kansas the forsythia has blossomed out everywhere. I have some daffodils in my yard bright and cheery. But we can get down to 32 at night well into May.

  13. Here in Kansas the forsythia has blossomed out everywhere. I have some daffodils in my yard bright and cheery. But we can get down to 32 at night well into May.


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