Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I'm kind of a space nerd, love rockets and planets and all things space and astronomy related.  So one night at the farm, I snapped this picture of the Moon and Venus as they were coming up over the barns.

It came out pretty nice...

Moon and Venus
One of my dreams at the farm is to have a nice telescope so we can check out  things "up close"...with a camera attachment for photography. Until then, I'll do what I can with with my own eyes and my own camera.  It would be cool to have a small observatory type building.  We don't have much light pollution at the farm, though civilization does creep ever closer.  I might should get my stargazing in sooner rather than later, ha.

Anyone have a telescope they use for star-gazing?
Ever seen anything really cool?


  1. Nice picture! I love star gazing too. Having a good telescope/camera set-up would be so much fun. And a mini observatory would "heavenly"!

  2. My BIL & SIL gifted us with a very nice Bushnell North Star but we've yet to set it up. I did find & printed the manual. We love to star gaze too, I actually dreamed about shooting stars recently. Maybe next weekend?

  3. It's my favorite thing about the farm. The stars. The iphone has a free app to download. You hold up your phone to the constellations and it tells you what star, planet etc. I used it with the grandkids and they loved it. They were shocked at how many stars you can see on the farm, but we had to leave because they were afraid Bigfoot would get us.


  4. If you are interested in the Space Station, here’s a link that will tell you the day and time when it’s overhead for viewing (nighttime) at your home/location.
    It’s easily visible with the naked eye and if you can track it with a telescope would get some great photo’s. When viewing it will be about twice the size and brightness of Venus moving across the sky about twice as fast as an airliner. Way cool to watch. Link: http://www.n2yo.com/

  5. Beautiful photo! We have no ambient light at the lake place and it is perfect for stargazing from the deck. I have a telescope wrapped for TheHub as a Christmas present__shhh! don't tell him!

  6. I had a telescope once. I want another. I live where there are city lights and my yard and neighborhood is all trees.


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