Tuesday, March 13, 2018


We're constantly amazed how much water can fall from the sky.  

The farm was spared the heaviest rains from Harvey last Summer that inundated Houston and the surrounding areas.  But a couple weeks ago, a few days of heavy rain at the farm caused more standing water than we saw out there after Harvey. 

This is where we normally park.

This is under Barnabas where we want to put an outdoor dining area.  Kind of hard to see but there was standing water everywhere.  We might have to rethink how we want to do things there.  

This was a couple weekends ago when I had to move the mower out for the dealer to pick it up.  I drove through the "driest"part of the yard.

This is the pasture of the property that is directly behind the garden.  Thankfully the garden site was chosen because it is higher.  

This is in one part of the yard.
Notice how deep the one boot is.  

And this was our driveway.  The water naturally runs along the sides and down to the road and then down the hill to elsewhere.  But we're a bit concerned about the driveway in the future.  We'd hate to get stuck.  Oh, speaking of...

The trail cam picked up this.  You see the truck?  That's one truck PULLING another truck and trailer that got stuck after picking up our mower!  Oops!

I parked the mower in the high and dry side of the yard but they slipped over into one of those flooded side areas and got stuck.  

They left these ruts.  Not terrible, we're not upset, I'll just buy a few bags of soil/sand and fill it in.  I'm actually more worried about needing to mow soon and so I need things to dry up and get the mower back so that I CAN mow.  

We're constantly amazed about the rains we get the last few years.  Five years ago it was so dry, we went almost an entire year with no measurable rain.  I'll lave to find some of those pictures.  It's surreal.

And watching what is going on in South Africa is so alarming.  One of our fellow bloggers, Dani from the blog Eco Footprint is currently going through it...she lives near Cape Town and they are approaching Day Zero.  That's the day when they effectively run out of free usable water and will be limited to about 6 gallons per person per day.

That's this much for ALL uses.  It sounds like a lot but it's not just for drinking but also for washing clothes, cleaning, showering, food prep, pets, watering plants, etc.  How we can have so much and other areas have none is just incredible.  Hang in there Dani!  Wish we could send it your way!


  1. Another Capetonian here... I almost salivate at the sight of that much water!

  2. Looks like you received as much water as we did last month. We got over 7 inches during that 12 day raining period. (right after we had our new septic system put in).
    We had to mow a couple of times just in certain areas already.
    Nice to see things are budding out, and today, even had a roadrunner in our yard and do think it was calling for a mate.

  3. You may have to start digging drainage ditches on both sides of your driveway. It is sad that some parts of the world are going through droughts and others are flooding. Makes one wonder why!

  4. That sure was a lot of rain. We didn’t get as much here.
    One good thing is that it showed you where the lower spots are.
    Weather can be so strange with floods in one place and droughts in another.

    Yesterday and today have been so beautiful here - sunny, low humidity, and just a little cool. I’ve been working on planting my garden.

  5. Sure wish you could send some of that rain up here to West Texas. We are so dry and in much need of rain. We had a dry Winter as well so we are blowing away. Everything is still brown here with cold nights and warm days. Too early for planting but trying to get the garden spot ready. Thanks for sharing.


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