Monday, August 6, 2018


A couple of months ago, I posted about finding shelves in the downstairs recycling area at our building.  CLICK HERE for that post.  

Recently, I did some rearranging in the barn and put them up.  Part of the problem in the barn is just that everything was just sitting wherever it was when we put it down.  To get organized, we needed to get all the same stuff together.  

So with that being said...

This one is on one side of the main door and is dedicated to beekeeping supplies.  Still more space for more stuff but it'll be nice to keep it all together in one spot.  I'm going to get a coat hook and mount on the wall so that I can hang my bee suit.  Also nice to use some of the containers to store smaller items in.  Now we just need some bees again!

I put the other shelf unit on the other side, opposite the bee shelving for all the grilling and outdoor cooking supplies.  Things like BBQ tools, special pans, basting supplies, accessories, etc.  Those were scattered everywhere, even some in the house.  It was able to be moved out there and since it was on the mudroom shelving, 2nd Man is happy that he has more space inside now too.  

Wait, what's this?
MORE shelving?

Yep!  I did some online research and found matching shelves to the ones that we found.  We did that because a) we needed more shelving in the barn anyway and b) by moving the free ones around we discovered that they would fit in another spot...

And that spot is on each side of the window on the opposite end of the barn.  Here's when I put one of the free ones there to measure.  We found that two of them will fit on each side.  That will give us a LOT of storage in the barn.  And let me get more stuff up off the floor and onto shelves. 

Organizing is a good thing!


  1. Looking might darn good there 1st. Man. A place for everything, and everything in its place.
    Your closed containers; you might think about making some labels to put on them. That way you will know what's inside without pulling a container out to see what all is in there, plus if there's something you need to get, you know which container it's in.
    Great Job. An organized life, makes for a happy life. :}

    1. Oh yes, I definitely need some labels. I don't have them full of stuff yet, I mean a few items but I figure I'll do that organizing later when it's cooler ha. Happy life for sure.

  2. It all looks great. I know what you mean by just putting it down. The shelves will save a lot of frustration.

    1. It's SO easy to just put something down wherever you can find a spot. Then it just gets out of control.

  3. Organizing is an excellent thing! It looks good and feels good too, doesn't it?

    1. Oh my it does feel so good. Organizing is so good for the soul too, ha.


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