Wednesday, August 29, 2018


 It's time to plan and get ready for an upcoming project...

I stopped at the store and bought ten landscape timbers. Of course, turns out I need more, isn't that the way it always works?  

It is this spot on the side of the house facing the party tree. A few months back, I blogged about putting a BENCH IN A FLOWERBED and that's the plan for this area. In fact, we're thinking two would be nice, maybe with a table in between.

After I mowed, I laid them all out so I could see how many we needed...and of course I didn't get enough. That's OK, we're not going to start this now it is WAY too hot this time of year for a project like this. We just wanted to get some of the stuff ready for use later.  I'll get another batch of timbers later since we can always used them around the property.

I'll put down some of the great weed block fabric that we used in the garden and up front under the gravel in the hose reel spot, and then fill it with more gravel *that will be a lot of gravel

Once that part is done, we're going to order a couple of wooden benches and we'll have a place to sit.  And FYI it's not always this Sunny, it's much shadier in the early morning and later in the afternoon.  


  1. That will look wonderful once completed. Check with a rock / dirt company in your area and have them bring out a load of rock. Much cheaper than buying by the bags.

    Like I keep telling my husband; buy extra and you can always return what not used or find a use for the extra material...……...he's learning; slowly but surely. I normally will come up with something to use up what's not used.

  2. I can only think how hot this bench will be. The rock and hard stuff will make it like sitting in an oven. I can see how the bench needs to be on something so it will not just sink into the ground. I have a bench with two pieces of granite under the legs on each end. Even when it is shadier, the rock and all hard stuff will retain heat.

  3. Love all your projects, always motivates me to get some more attractive things done around here rather than all the boring practical stuff. One needs to sit and reflect or one just keels over doesn't one? Here's to cooler weather!

  4. Isn't the rule of thumb for projects that unless you go back to the store at least 2 times for "something else required" you are not doing the project correctly?

  5. This will look nice. Most all of my beds around the house are "mulched" with gravel. On the west side of the house we keep a couple of lounge chairs in the gravel bed so we can enjoy sunsets.

  6. Since it’s shady part of the day, that will be a beautiful place to have your morning tea and to relax at in the afternoon!

  7. Just a comment on landscape fabric... only my opinion, but I don't think much of it. Wet down some cardboard or several layers of newspaper and it will do the same job of smothering those few weeds you have there without the price tag. Landscape fabric doesn't keep away new weeds, just kills the old ones. Lay down your gravel, but eventually bits of dust builds up enough even between the rocks that new little weeds will grow, which are easy to pull when they're little. Or spray, if you prefer. Only my opinion, but you needn't spend the money when newspapers & cardboard are free for the taking at your recycle area in your city apartment building.


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