Friday, August 31, 2018


Not ours, we don't have chickens yet.  These belong to 2nd Family.  "J" texted me this picture yesterday with the caption WHAT THE...??

Baby chicks (click to enlarge)
They had no idea these had been born until Mama hen just strolled out from underneath the house with six seven little chicks following behind her!  

They are pretty adorable, that's for sure.  She said these seem to reproduce like rabbits, ha.  This is their third clutch of chicks.  They spent yesterday getting them into their protected coop area that has a wire mesh "ceiling" to protect them from flying predators.

She asked us if we knew anyone who wanted some free chicks but of course we don't think any of our city friends will take us up on that offer.  If we still had a house in town with a regular yard, we might be persuaded to step into the world of raising chickens for eggs so we could learn for the time when we are at the farm to live.  Alas, we don't think the apartment would appreciate egg laying hens on a high-rise balcony.

Hope you are having a great day, the long weekend has arrived but it's going to be hot and quite possibly, rainy here in this part of the country.

We'll see how the weekend goes!


  1. They are absolutely adorable.
    Have 'J' make up some fliers and post on bulletin board at Tractor Supply.
    Tractor Supply has a bulletin board just for things like this, lost and found, 4 sale items, Free to good home,etc.
    Only wish I lived closer.

  2. I will take four. Did you know you can mail poultry? A woman in the PO had about 30 boxes with one chicken and an apple in each one. They were going to Texas--cocks to fight.

    Of course, 4 chicks would die. 25 would not.

    People keep birds in highrises all the time-parrots, parakeets, and all manner of birds. Just put a diaper on them or train them.

  3. Start a trend! High-rise chickens!! Lol!

    Awww factor to the maximum! Those chicks with their mama as soooo cute!!

  4. They're adorable. My neighbors like the dogs because they provide an early warning system. They know when something is wrong before the alarm systems do. However, I think I might get complaints about chickens.



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