Monday, September 10, 2018


Have you had any of this yogurt?  It's SO good, our favorite yogurt right now.

But the really cool thing about them is that they come in these wonderful, little glass jars...

The yogurt is made in the US but the jars are actually produced in France. In France (most of Europe from what we've read) the yogurt almost always comes in a glass jar.  We have an aversion to getting rid of something like this (recycle of course, not trash, since that's what we do) but we just mean in general, getting rid of something that could be turned into something cool and useful.

Oui Yogurt glass jars
After several months of peeling off labels, running them through the dishwasher and putting them in the back of a cabinet, we've ended up with about three dozen (I told you we like the stuff, ha).   

So I Googled "Oui glass jars" and wow, some people are amazingly creative.  LOTS of ideas.  I'm glad we've saved them.  I fear that eventually they'll either switch to a different container or just discontinue it altogether.  

I think we'll save a few more just in case, ha.  


  1. little glass jars like that are great for a number of things / uses.
    just let your imagination and creativity go to work.
    Can't wait to see what you will do with some of yours

  2. I can see people with paint going crazy with these, just like they do with canning jars. I plan to use them for juice because I drink just a small amount of juice. I will use them for flowers and for little layered desserts. I love Oui jars!

    People are even selling them empty. That is one way to recoup the cost of yogurt.

  3. Ha! I too have a collection of these -about thirty or forty by now. Sometimes I wonder if I like Oui the best just because of the jars. Presentation *is* important to taste, after all.

    I've been on the lookout for 1) a plastic lid that fits these so I can store little things or 2) a scout leader or primary school teacher who might be able to figure out something crafty for their kids to do with them. But I didn't even think of googling to see if I could do something with them other than maybe turn them into votive/tea light holders. It didn't even dawn on me that other people - even normal ones! - might be hoarding them instead of recycling them too. ;-)

    Oh my, here's the mother lode:
    You may have created some monsters out here.

  4. I found these partly glazed pottery jars of yogurt in France and of course brought them home in my suitcase. They are great for pen and pencil holders and guess what? They are now at Whole Foods and yes, I've got Oui jars too. Sigh.

  5. Wow, I just googled this and saw so many cool ideas! Looking forward to see what projects y'all come up with.

  6. I LOVE that yogurt....and prefer the French yogurt anyhow. I use my glass jars as little bud vases for small cuttings.

  7. What fantastic jars! I've never even heard of the brand. I'll have to be on the lookout. I so agree about not getting rid of anything with potential usefulness. I'd be keeping the jars as well. Great idea to google it! The internet is the best place for finding creative ideas.


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