Friday, September 7, 2018


Took this photo a few weekends ago.  Thought you might like to see a different angle and another frame of reference for yard size...

This is standing at the back of the property, looking toward the front (which of course is a quarter mile away from the road).  You can see why we have grand plans and ideas but damn if just figuring out where to start is so intimidating.

I suppose it's like having an enormous canvas and dropping a dab of paint on it.  You have to start somewhere.  

Now to just figure out WHERE to start first, ha. 


  1. Nice working a blank canvas but it can be over whelming.

    Make a listing of what kind of plantings/ structures you would want. Draw out a landscape design; rough sketch; can always be changed.

    Here are a couple of links in helping you to get started in your planning.

  2. If it were mine to choose projects, I would plant fruit and nut trees first and construct the double fence. Keep gardening. As you find the pieces (wheel and such), construct those places. Put in benches next. They are not permanent, but you can sit down and figure out what to do next as you rest. It should be fun and nothing can be wrong.

  3. You've posted so many pictures of that tree with a name I've forgotten, it seems like that's one of the hearts of your home. If I were you, I'd start by making that a homey, beautiful spot to relax in, alone or with friends, so when you have time, you can share a comfortable time to just enjoy. We all know you are good at working and that'll always be there for you to do-now you just need to find one spot to be blissfully at HOME.

  4. It's wonderful to have such large spaces for future projects! Remember it's also nice to have a large area or two without anything permanent in it - for yard games and just to enjoy seeing a wide open space.
    I didn't have the really large spaces like you do but I did buy the vacant lot next to my house years ago. I too thought it was a big empty space but over the years, it has filled up.

  5. Hey - with the work you've already done, on both the house and the land, I'd think you have already started. Please give Hobart a chin rub from me, Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand.

  6. I love the expanses of green, unobstructed for mowing and playing. You don't have to fill every spot. When you find benches, just bring them home and plop them down for resting You can decorate their areas later. I need to sell one bench and find two more, free or cheap!

  7. I love your blog, as I can relate so much, and get great ideas from you! We moved to a nearly 4 acre space 9 years ago, after living in the suburbs all our lives. Over half of this is covered with oak and cedar trees, so that takes care of much of it. Hubby has cleared that out so that it is walkable - our own little woods. The rest is pretty open, with trees here and there, and over time things have established themselves. A fire pit, a fenced in garden (because of all of our deer neighbors), a swing on one of the biggest oak trees, and a metal gazebo with solar lights on it have become established around the yard. And we purchased 3 cement benches which we put here and there. There is a hammock on a stand, under a clump of trees. And a small rock garden in the back. It's finally coming together a bit, but there is so much more we'd love to do over time. It's a wonderful problem to have - enjoy the process!

  8. Big job!! But a beautiful canvas to work with!! Start with what you love,


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