Monday, December 24, 2018


Twas the night before Christmas...

Here is our wreath on the front door at the apartment in town.  I made it a few years back.  Not perfect but hey, it's much prettier in person.  

At Thanksgiving, I found some horrible food ideas from the past and posted them.  I found this one just in time for Christmas.  What about it, a bologna ornament tree?  With weiners?  And ham?  

And we always like to ask, every year, for those new to the blog... you open your presents on 
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?


  1. I think your wreath is very pretty and festive.
    The Oscar Meyer tree; that I really don't care much about it. You can have it; I don't want it.
    As for present; already received mine and opened. :) A gal just has to have more power tools :)

    Wishing you and 2nd man, friends & family and Everyone here a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Years.

  2. One or two on Christmas eve (just can't wait) and the rest on Christmas morning or later in the day, depending on who is stopping by

  3. It's very pretty. I couldn't do that, haha. We open on Christmas Eve, except one. The one we save for Christmas morning. Have always done that. Merry Christmas! Janie

  4. like the wreath, (vom) to the bologna/weenie tree, and xmess day. a good holiday to you and 2nd man and hobart!

  5. Oh, thank you for pictures of more regrettable foods! I had never thought of a meat tree. How silly of me!
    The wreath and packages are beautiful. I really like to wrap presents and make them beautiful, even if the contents (like canned squid) are not exactly lovely.
    We are Christmas morning openers. Christmas eve is for take out Chinese food, laughter then some reflective thoughts. This year we are watching the movie The Nativity right before we go to sleep. Well I will mainly be listening to it while I finish baking.

  6. For us it's Christmas day. Pressies, then breakfast followed by a quick shower and Christmas jumpers.

  7. Christmas Day for us before the Queen's speech at 3 o'clock and after a huge Christmas meal which started at 1 o'clock.

  8. I keep asking my husband, who wants to open them on Christmas Eve... 'How can you open Christmas presents BEFORE Santa arrives?' We compromise with Stockings on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas Guys!!!!

  9. Merry Christmas Gentlemen!
    We always open ours on Christmas Day - late morning with a glass of something nice each. Hope you both have a wonderful day,
    Michelle - not in Wellington but in Tauranga, New Zealand

  10. We open 1 on Christmas eve and the rest Christmas morning.
    Happy Christmas to both of you.

  11. Very pretty wreath! You did a much better job of it than I could do.
    That Oscar Mayer-themed tree is just plain weird. Of course, it might be popular with the family pet!

    Christmas presents are opened on Christmas Eve in my family. I was curious about the Christmas Eve vs. Christmas Day thing in the U.S., so I did some research:
    I discovered that Christmas Eve is when many European and Scandinavian countries open presents. The Christmas morning gift-opening tradition is in the UK, Australia, and NZ, although the Royal Family opens their gifts on Christmas Eve, following the German tradition introduced by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. So, I guess the Christmas gift-opening time in the U.S. is influenced by the countries from which our ancestors originated.

    Wishing y’all a very Merry Christmas!

  12. Better late than never ... So most years we exchange and open on Christmas morning .. but this year, due to Mr B's retirement and our extensive traveling we did to celebrate, we didn't exchange gifts ... our travel was more than enough ... and we say (for now) no more "things" for gifts ... (just) experiences and travels which we enjoy so much.

  13. As children, we opened our gifts on Christmas Eve in the German tradition. No stockings, because those were already filled the night of Dec 5 by Saint Nicholas, in time for his feast day on Dec 6. Stockings were strictly candy, nuts, and an orange in the toe. Now, we were *supposed* to polish our good shoes and set them out instead of stockings, but Dad's wool hunting socks made for a much bigger haul than our kid-size shoes! I also think my Mom didn't like the idea of putting food in stinky shoes... ;^) ;^) :^)


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