Monday, March 25, 2019


The day started off mostly clear.  It was cool which was nice.  I had several projects to do but started with mowing.  Just wanted to make sure I got that part done because next weekend looks to be rainy.

A view down the driveway as I mowed.  Now you can see why I call it my Zen Machine.  It's just so peaceful to be out there mowing.

It started getting darker.

But I finished.  Always a good feeling.

Clean and neat.

And it never rained.

I even created a few new paths from the still dormant winter growth.  I always walk the area with a stick to make sure no animals and no large stones or stumps and then I just slowly drive over it with the mower.  After two or three mows (consecutive) nothing grows back there and it stays clear with just grass year round.  This is a new path to the area we like to call the "secret garden" where I hope to plant a lot of colorful flowering plants (it's by the large huisache tree, more on that in an upcoming post).

Here are the stats from my mowing app.  After the last mowing a couple of weeks ago being 2 hours, I'm back down to almost normal.  A normal mow is about an hour and a half.  I'm guessing the new "path" was the extra time. 

I also edged around the house the barn and shed and some of the fence line and as I was going to do the raised bed fruit trees, I ran out of the line for the weedeater. Sigh. Oh well, I'll work on that next time.

Dinner (Saturday night) was chicken and fettuccine Alfredo (after Friday's post, notice this was my plate, thigh and leg, ha).  I went back on Sunday and worked on another project.  More on that tomorrow.

EDIT: I had scheduled this to post Sunday morning but I put "PM" instead of "AM".  Oops. So it posted late yesterday but because there wasn't much traffic, I'm going to repost it today and then I will update tomorrow with the other part of the weekend.  

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. This looks so inviting for a beautiful Spring stroll. Your new path does look like the entrance to a secret garden - kind of mysterious with just that glimpse of what’s beyond.
    What a delicious supper to come home to! Mmm, that pasta.

    1. Upcoming post on the pasta, it's a wonderfully simple recipe. Yes the secret garden area is a big open space I have cleared. It's anchored by a beautiful tree and I need to plant some flowering things in there. They have to be drought tolerant though because they won't be anywhere near water. I guess if I plant during the "rainy season" it might be good, ha.

  2. Ha, like your 'little' secret hide-a-ways / paths that you are making. It's just like having another little mystery area on your property.
    Property sure does looks nice; can almost smell that freshly mowed grass.
    Was planning on getting our yard mowed over the weekend then something came up and wasn't able to do it.
    Your noodles and chicken looks Wonderful.
    Have a great day and a Better day Tomorrow. :)

    1. Mystery is a good thing, it always leads to an adventure, ha. Thank you as always!!

  3. Hi. very seldom comment on the blogs I follow but just have to let you know how much I enjoy following your blog. I find it so interesting to keep up with your progress on the farm, recipes and plans. I am from Australia but can relate so much to your everyday issues. Please keep blogging. Carol

    1. Wow, what a very nice comment you left for us. Thank you so much. We'll be here. As we like to tell each other, the best is yet to come, ha. And Australia is on our bucket list for someday. We had three kitties, down to one now, Hobart. The other two were "Sydney" and "Brisbane". ;-)

      Stay tuned, the best is yet to come, ha!


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