Friday, March 29, 2019


We saw this online the other day and thought we would share.

Of course it helps that we still both love watching The Wizard of Oz from time to time.  I guess kids nowadays don't get the magic of seeing it once a year as an "event" at Thanksgiving like when we were little.  I remember counting down the days until it was coming on.  

Anyway, yep, this is pretty accurate, keep an eye out during the watch, you never know what might be coming down the road.

Take shelter with the warning though because all hell is about to break loose, ha.  


  1. :) Good One. Yup; getting to be that time of year again of which I'm not really looking forward to.
    When we had them 80mph winds here not long ago was enough for me; especially when the house was shaking. Not a good feeling.

    1. Ok, don't laugh but I have seen The Wizard of Oz. I know what it's all about, but to actually sit and watch it.....Nope, never have.

  2. Oh I remember the countdown to Wizard of Oz!!! Though for us, it always came on tv around Christmas! :) Take care during the potentially bad weather!!!

  3. I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!

  4. The first time I saw The Wizard of Oz I was young enough that it scared the bejibby heck out of me, and I've not liked it ever since. (My daughter's that way with E.T.)

  5. That witch is still scary! So she is a great reminder for a Tornado Warning.

  6. We watched The Wizard of Oz every year. The wicked witch terrified me when I was little. Life has changed so much. We don't have those once-a-year TV events anymore.



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