Monday, September 16, 2019


Guess what I got to do?  

Yep, mowing!

It rained at the farm but not much.  Maybe 1/4 inch according to 2nd Family.  We figured not enough to grow the grass but apparently it soaked it up and had a growth spurt.  It was enough to make it slightly more green than it has been.  You can see above (from my mowing app) that it wasn't like the usual mow. I was able to skip a few areas that were still brown and then it was just the regular mowing spots.

I mowed the driveway and the yard all around the house and outbuildings.  It looks better and as it turns out, it was good that I did mow because they are saying we may have some heavy tropical moisture coming this week.  That will DEFINITELY give us a growth spurt.

In a patch of green grass I saw these white flowers that had popped up...

Not sure what they are but they are brilliant white.  So white that the sun reflecting off of them made them overexposed on the camera, ha.  

Of course I mowed around them.
Because.  Beauty.

Remember our fig tree/bush that I posted about a couple of months ago?  

Above is the tree at its peak a few weeks back when it was bearing fruit...

...and this was it this weekend.  WHAT THE HECK??  I've never seen it do this before in the years it has been growing there.  I've read conflicting info online, some say it's a fungus others say it's "Fall" and this is normal.  Not sure.  I do know it is getting more shade than it probably should.  When it was first planted, the mesquite tree next to it was much smaller.  Now it's bigger and casting a shadow.  I also started watering it when it was producing fruit but maybe I over watered it.  Not sure.

We do know that we want another fig tree or two and have a sunny spot for them with all the other fruit trees behind the house. 

It was a good, albeit brief, weekend.  Still hot here, upper 90's and we even made it to 100 one day last week.  But again, supposedly rain coming this week.  They were mentioning flash flood possibilities.  Of course it quite often rains in Houston but not at the farm so we guess only time will tell!

Hope you had a good weekend! 


  1. Your pictures of the freshly mowed yard always look so neat and inviting.

    Those white flowers are rain lilies and are wildflowers. They pop up after rain. I have some pink ones that I ordered from The Southern Bulb Company.

    I think your fig tree is suffering from the very high temperatures and no rain that we had this summer. Hopefully, with the tropical rains coming and the lower temps of fall, it will recover.

  2. Texas Rose is right about it being a rain lily. What you have is the White Fairy Lily, also called Zephry Rain Lily, or just called Rain Lily; ( Zephyranthes candida ).
    They do come in different colors besides the pink that Tx. Rose has and the white you have; easy to grow in the ground or in containers and placed where they receive dabbled shade and they only get up to 10 - 12 inches tall.
    Rain lilies are related to the Amaryllis family.

    From the looks of your fig tree; looks like the deer may have had a late summer feast.
    Hopefully your fig tree will come back next year and maybe the rains you are expecting will help.
    Have a great evening.

  3. What pretty, little flowers. I like surprises like this in the yard.

  4. Lucky you! Rain Lily's in your yard :)

  5. I have never heard of Rain Lilies before. I thought they were Star of Bethlehem flowers. The fig tree will recover, my tree does this it is through weather changes, the dump the leaves to try and recover


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