Monday, September 23, 2019


Didn't go to the farm this weekend, too much going on from work and knowing the upcoming week will be crazy busy (insurance biz) so I needed a break.

Plus 2nd Family told us we ended up with a little over 3" of rain.  No flooding out there, which is good, but the ditches were full of water.  I figured there would not be any Zen Machine time.

"S" from 2nd Family ran up to the house to check on things for us yesterday (so sweet of them) all was fine and YES, rain again!  Not much though, they said it lasted about 30 minutes and then it was clear.  I'm guessing the grass is going to be ready for mowing this coming weekend for sure.

The good thing is that not only the yard and natural trees but also our fruit trees got a great soaking, the most they've had all Summer.  Remember we haven't had measurable rain out there since mid July.

I'll catch up on comments this the meantime...'s the first day of Fall!!!

Of course our temperatures don't reflect that just yet but we're hoping the cooler weather is coming soon...and hoping the floods stay away. 


  1. Always a good thing when Mother Nature helps out in watering your fruit trees for you and in greening up your yard. Time for that Zen machine to get a nice workout. :}

    Hubby's birthday today so made him a small, layered Oreo cake. He does love his sweets.

  2. So glad that the Farm did not get flooded. Sounds like you got just the right amount of rain for your grass and fruit trees. With all of the insurance claims coming in, you'll be happy to be on your Zen Machine on the weekend.


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