Monday, September 30, 2019


After skipping last weekend because of the flooding and busy week leading up to it, it was time to head out and see how things were at the farm and get back on the Zen Machine!

I was happy to be back on the Zen Machine*

*not me
*not the Zen Machine

It was hot, low 90's (hello, Fall?) but it was still a good day to be mowing and it always looks so nice when it's all done...

Looking at my mowing app, it wasn't as long as normal, about 35 minutes shorter than average and I had a faster than normal average speed.

Still not growing much, even wth some rain last week.  I haven't edged around the buildings in about a month and after mowing they still look edged.

You can see here though that it is still brown in some areas.  I'm not sure how much is because it's dry and how much is just Fall has arrived and the grass is doing its normal cyclical thing.

In the good news category, remember when I posted that the fig tree/bush had turned white and all the leaves fell off.  Well I left it alone, no watering or messing with it because we really thought it might have died.  Well, here it is...busting out in leaves and new growth all over.  Go figure.

We still want to get a couple more trees to plant in a different spot next Spring.

When everything was done, I made a tall glass of iced tea, dropped in a couple of fresh picked mint leaves, went to the porch to sit on the rocker and just enjoy the view.  This is looking straight ahead from where I was sitting.

It calms us and is peaceful.  Even though we don't live out there yet and are not sure what form the house will take, this view will remain and is one of the reasons we bought the property.  

When we came back into town, 2nd Man cooked some fresh pork chops we bought Friday and made some mashed potatoes and peas (my favorite).  Oh and a couple glasses of wine.  

It was a good weekend.
We hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. i need fall in the worst way. tomorrow and wednesday are going to be in the 90's! in october, in the north!!!!

  2. It snowed here last night. One day it was summer and then, boom!

  3. I am starting to see a few tree leaves turning here. by wednesday it will be in the 90s again.

  4. YOU'RE NOT JUDY GARLAND IN SUMMER STOCK? What a shock! I hope the movie that's coming out with Renee Zellweger will be good. Nothing but the best for Judy.


    1. Forget your troubles, c'mon get happy--I'll sing all evening.

  5. We need to get our yard mowed yet. Your yard sure looks nice as always.

    Now the way it looks, it looks like your fig tree the leaves starting to come out on new growth and that's a Good Thing.

    Now an easy way/test to tell if a tree is completely sick, dying or dead.

    Your pork chop meal looks delicious.
    Freezing mashed potatoes for later use. Comes in handy in a pinch.

    Have an enjoyable evening and a great week.

  6. Trees planted in the Fall do better. All winter trees work on roots. Then, in the Spring, trees work on foliage/fruit. Check it out. Just because Lowe's has them in stock in Spring does not mean it is good.

    I love a green, peaceful view.

  7. It was 98F today, breaking the 1904 record of 95F.

  8. Could I suggest a couple of Pecan trees? Shade and nuts :)

  9. I'm so glad that your fig tree is recovering. It is a real survivor. I think the rain really helped it.
    Your view from your porch is indeed so beautiful and peaceful. Sitting in a rocker, drinking iced tea flavored with your homegrown mint, with that view - priceless!


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