Wednesday, October 30, 2019


So...this past weekend I was thinking of moving THE BOX and looking for the snake. In preparation for that I needed to move some stuff around so I picked up a bag of mulch that was on the end of the porch...

...and was met with this. ANOTHER snake skin.

What the hell? 

Is this the porch of snakes?  I will tell you that it makes you think twice about dozing off in the rocking chair on a nice cool day.  

Perhaps we should call Samuel L. Jackson, we understand he has some experience with snakes...


  1. Oh, heck No. You wouldn't see me sitting on your porch.
    That just may be the same skin you had seen before.
    You may need to clear everything off your porch so that the snakes can't crawl into or hide behind. I'd say they are looking for a good place to hide along with a warmer spot. But then again they may be taking care of any rodents that you may have.

  2. Snakes live in the country. We have lived peaceably with them for years and actually, they are more afraid of you than you of them. Calm down

  3. Bad, bad, bad First Man! I was taking a sip of coffee when I scrolled down and saw the picture of SLJ! Now I have to grab a paper towel! Normally I would thank you for the laugh!

  4. I would be focused on every crack!! LOL! However, they say snakes are really good at controlling other lucky you?!?!

  5. That would totally freak me out. I hate snakes. I grew up a few years older than,and living directly opposite to Mark O'Shea (snake expert) when we were teens. I remember when his mother stopped by to tell the neighbours that one had gone missing!

  6. Snakes freak me out. When we lived in Illinois we had a terrible problem with mice. We finally got all their entrances to the house blocked so they were stuck in the garage. Then the snakes showed up to eat the mice. At least the snakes never came after the mice when they were in the house.


  7. At first glance, it can cause a fright. But remember, a snake’s food is mice and rats. When I lived in the country, in the midst of grain fields, I battled mice and rats in the fall and winter after the grains were harvested. As long as the snakes kept their distance, I welcomed them to hunt those disgusting rodents.

  8. Snakes will most likely just slither off. Now if you really want to worry keep leaving plastic bags with pretty much anything in them. My yard left a bag of leaves under a bush and I didn't see it for a while. Then one day I picked it up to put in the trash. That really riled up those BEES I can tell you!! And they don't slither off!! They ATTACK!! Let's just say it wasn't a pleasant afternoon! For me or my dogs! We were stung so many times we couldn't count. All because of a plastic bag!


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