Monday, October 28, 2019


The weather this weekend was perfect.  A front came through Thursday night into Friday and there were huge storms around.  In Houston we got rain.  I was worried that the farm would be too wet to mow.  There was no measurable rain out there!

So I hopped on the Zen Machine.  It was cool and crisp and clear.

Here's my mowing app.  I mowed everything and then some extra (more on that in a future post).  About the average length of time but I did mow more than usual so it went fast.

It all came out perfectly.  Look at the blue sky!  It was one of the few times a year I can spend almost two hours on the mower and never break a sweat.

This will probably be the last time this year, though I may try something I did a few years back.  Mowing in the middle of Winter when everything is dormant and brown and dry and I can see what I'm mowing through and that way I can clear wider paths and even new areas around the property.  Then it's easier to keep it cleared in the Spring.

I did notice this branch that had fallen in high winds. It's a mesquite tree and they have notoriously weak branches as they get bigger.  I'll need to get the chainsaw out.  I hate cleaning these up as they are covered in thorns.  And they are SHARP.  Ugh.

Cool weather and time on the Zen Machine, it was a great weekend!!


  1. use the mesquite wood for cookouts.
    we can't stand DC cause they are part of the NL east.

  2. I discovered it was easier to what I was doing when the vines, fallen limbs and such were bare in fall. And, there were fewer critters to bite or sting me.

  3. Beautiful sky photos; and your freshly mowed yard looks wonderful as always.
    I see a nice bon fire in the future with all them branches laying on the ground.
    Fall is a good time to trim any dead branches from the trees before they loose all their leaves.
    Have a great week & an enjoyable weekend.

  4. Beautiful freshly mowed yard! Good idea to have a mid-winter mow when everything is dormant and you can clear more things out.
    Looks like you’ll have some good barbecue wood once you get that cleared from the tree.
    Sending positive vibes to the ‘Stros!


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