Thursday, October 24, 2019


Every Thursday we like to post a picture of something we've found online that inspires us to do something similar at the farm. Sort of our own blog bulletin board so that we can eventually look back and someday, hopefully anyway, recreate it...enjoy!

Recently, as we've begun planning the layout around the house after we get something new and/or remodeled, one of my wish list items is a greenhouse.  For now the designs I like are all over the place from simple to gothic to contemporary to rustic.  It seems all greenhouses have their own style and appeal.  But one thing I've almost always seen is that they are either sitting on the ground with dirt or landscape fabric or on a concrete slab.  Not sure we want the expense or permanence of a concrete slab but don't really want it just sitting on the ground with all the inherent problems that would bring.

Then I saw these two while I was browsing and they are sitting on a deck.  We like that idea.  It's not as permanent (for future relocation) and we're guessing it's less expensive than concrete.  Pressure treated wood or coated with a sealant, it should last for a long time.  

Be inspired!


  1. Yes, on the wooden deck for a greenhouse and was going to suggest that but reading down further you had already mentioned it.
    If you go that route you will need a barrier underneath your metal greenhouse frame cause once the wood gets wet it could rust your metal frame of the greenhouse.
    Suggest that you lay down weed blocker material under the deck.

    Oh, just found this link for you , it talks about putting a greenhouse on a wooden deck / foundation.

    A greenhouse is something I always wanted for years but I decided on a 'she' shed instead.

  2. I want a greenhouse someday to serve both for plants and also as an"outdoor" sitting room in the winter. With decking as the floor you could accomplish both!

  3. Those are pretty! I've been collecting old windows and patio doors (interesting side note - I originally typed "door walls" vs patio doors which I recently learned is a regional thing) for several years now with the intention of building a greenhouse.

    We got a sun room enclosure for free a few years back. It't the slightly tinted kind with an arched roof you attach to the side of your house. I saw it on a local but sell trade list and snapped it up. wish I could post a pic here because it's just lovely.

    For that one we plan to install it on a cement pad for the thermal gain.

    For the window one we're planning just an exterior frame filled with ground cover and several inches of crushed limestone then a few of pea gravel.
    A. no potential risk of the floor rotting. It's much more consistently damp here than there, and I'm not a fan of treated wood in an enclosed area.
    B. drainage. It'll be much easier to water and not worry about spilled soil or water.

  4. I have seen greenhouses built on a platform with skids, so that it it easily to relocate. Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. I would never use treated wood because of the inherent dangers. I want a greenhouse with bricks for the floor if I can find them for free or cheap. I am in love with pieces of concrete like cap blocks but maybe with a different name. Anne has it right, a place to sit in the winter. okay, in the fall, too, and a place to escape mosquitoes.

  6. This would be such a beautiful place to grow plants and then to sit and enjoy the beauty!

  7. Composite decking would last forever and, with a little maintenance (*much less than with natural wood), would continue to look sharp. Space between the boards so you can spray the floor clean.

    1. Composite decking boards is what I was trying to think of. That is what our neighbors used on their porch deck.
      Thanks Mrs Shoes


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