Friday, January 31, 2020


OK...we saw this and had to share!

We can definitely relate.  We were discussing what to plant in the garden this year (we skipped last year just to have a break but we miss it).  I mentioned to 2nd Man that it will soon be the season for me to be cranky after being outside in the heat and humidity.

Then we saw this.

True.  So true.  LOL! 

Enjoy your day, it's Friday and we hope that you have a great weekend coming up.


  1. LOL. Oh, how true and what a great laugh to have on a Friday.
    My man gets cranky when he has to mow at least every week instead of working in his shop building things. He would much rather build something than mow

  2. One day Margaret asks Ethel, how she has such a beautiful vegetable garden, Ethel replies that she just uses some old cow manure. Margaret then asks, "well how old does the cow have to be?"

  3. I am quite sure I will grow older and crankier in the heat this summer.

  4. Funny! That's how I feel on cold, dreary days.
    But today it is just beautiful, sunny, and warm. With butterflies, bees, singing birds, growing plants, lovely scents of early blooms - food for my soul.


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