Saturday, September 8, 2012


The other day, on Inspiration Thursday, I posted a great vintage picture of a pantry with shelves of beautiful canned fruits and veggies.

I noticed (and so did Anywhere Eden in the comments section), that there were these black roller shades attached to the top of each shelving unit.  I (and Eden) thought this was a pretty amazing, not to mention, simple, idea.

Roller shades are available just about anywhere (these of course are black).  It was presumably to keep light from discoloring the canned goods.  Heck, I'm thinking roll down shades could even be a nice way to "tidy up" messy shelves, ha!  Has anyone else seen anything like this?

Great idea, I guess it's true, sometimes everything old is new again!


Susan said...

During WW2 in the U.K.houses had "blackout" roller shades at every window so enemy bombers would not be guided by the light. My grandfather's role was to ride his bike around town in the pitch dark and make sure no light was showing. You could be in serious trouble if it was.

ladyhawthorne said...

I was so busy looking at all the jars of goodness I totally missed that! Thanks for pointing it out, that's a great idea. For those of us who store water, we need to keep it in the dark also to keep algae from forming.
Shades can easily be painted or you can glue fabric to them. The white blackout shades work well, I use them on the windows on the sunny side of the house to keep the heat out in the summer.

1st Man said...

Now that's just fascinating! Amazing the times previous generations lived through huh? Thanks for sharing!!

1st Man said...

Oooh, covering stored water is a good idea too. We just put some white shades that are room darkening up in all the rooms, and you're right, I suppose that would work just as well. I think even if you had maybe two shelves or maybe all the lower shelves, that needed to be covered, you could just mount the shade lower or higher.

Katel said...

Absolutely smarts! I love roller shades because you can create art work on one and have window art in a room. Kool ideas!

1st Man said...

Great idea! I like that. We have roller shades in every window. Mainly to block heat/light when we're not there and security to keep out prying eyes too, but I'd love to decorate them. Might have to make that a project next year. Yet another for the list, ha.