Sunday, November 24, 2013


Vintage Plan For Winter Now poster, image courtesy of NY Public Library
Well, with my post yesterday, and the cold weather encompassing much of the U.S., this one seems appropriate today.  It's a poster from WWII and urged people to conserve fuel that was needed for the war effort by winterizing their homes, and checking their heating systems.

Wise words this Winter 2013 as well!

Stay warm!


Quinn said...

Very cold and high winds here all day...seems too soon! The poster is as relevant as you say, and I enjoy all the little details in these posters. For example, I wonder about the bandage on the fellow's thumb. What do you think?

Sandy said...

1st Man,

Stay warm, our temperatures have dropped to 18 degrees and is peaking at 26.
We should always conserve on gas, and oil when we can.

1st Man said...

Cold and windy and wet is never a fun combination. I didn't notice the bandage, wow. That is an interesting detail. Hmmm....maybe he was checking his heater and hurt his thumb. ;-)

Stay warm!

1st Man said...

Yikes I saw your post. That's crazy cold and icy (and dangerous). Yes, we keep our thermostat down pretty low and just dress warmer. In town of course. No heaters at all at the farm. Yet.