Friday, September 19, 2014


It has rained...

...and rained

and rained...

These radar captures are from various days, various times.  The only time it stopped, thankfully (for less risk of flooding) was at night.  But we'd wake up to more rain and it would rain most all day.

2nd Family said this afternoon the final tally at the farm is:

Rain gauge of 5 1/2 inches
So that's good for the trees and plants and grass but bad for mowing because the ground and roads are supersaturated.  I'm sure things will be greening up, but I'll have to have my zen machine time later.

So this weekend, we will probably skip the farm in lieu of running errands, including more trips to some garden centers.  The rain has stopped, for now, and we hope that's it for awhile...fingers crossed.  We like the rain, just not all at once...and now that we've caught up, it can dry out a bit.

More updates as they warrant!  Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Please send some to us but not that much please!

    1. Ha, I wish I could. Rain so so wonderful but when it comes so much so fast it can be so dangerous huh? Hope you get some rain soon!

  2. we had a little drizzle earlier that was all, I so want some rain the barrels are all empty and everything is so dry.

    1. I SO wish we had had rain barrels during this. I really need to work on that before next Spring. Hope you get some rain too!

  3. I got a little over 3 inches. My plants were singing in the rain along with yours!


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